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SC: It's The Law, Now. New Laws Take Effect Saturday

Ron Strider

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Starting Saturday, gas in South Carolina will cost more, but a state employee's take home-pay will be less.

Those are just two of the better-known changes to S.C. law passed by the Legislature this year.

But lawmakers made other changes that soon will affect your life or already may have.

Hemp, just hemp

After July 1, the S.C. Agriculture Department will begin issuing permits for Palmetto State farmers to start growing hemp.

It has been legal to grow industrial hemp in the Palmetto State since June 10. (Hemp. Not marijuana, hemp's close cousin, which remains illegal even after some lawmakers tried and failed to legalize the medical use of marijuana this year.)

S.C. farmers will be able to grow hemp for industrial purposes. The state Agriculture Department will issue 20 permits to prospective farmers this year, allowing them to plant 20 acres each of the crop during the first year of the pilot program. In later years, they can grow 40 acres.


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