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Schapelle Corby Protest Reaches The United Nations w/vids

Jim Finnel

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The global protest in support of imprisoned Australian Schapelle Corby arrived at the United Nations this morning. Photographs of people demonstrating by holding "Free Schapelle" cards in cities throughout North America, Europe, Australasia and even the Middle East, were presented to UN representatives and officials. Performing the delivery was Tara Hack, the indie-pop artist, whose "Saya Tidak Bersalah (I'm Not Guilty)" has become a global anthem of support.

Tara also presented a note, urging the UN to take up the case on behalf of Ms Corby.

In 2005, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to an unprecedented 20 years in an Indonesian prison cell, for importation of marijuana, following one of the most contentious cases of modern times. To this day she maintains her innocence, with observers, humanitarian and human rights support groups urging her release. A recent film cites many of the disturbing aspects of the case, including the refusal of the court to test the drugs for country of origin, the subsequent burning of the untested drugs, the presumption of guilt, and the much lesser value of the drugs in Indonesia than in the country of alleged export, Australia.

Rachel James of the UK based Schapelle.Net web portal said: "We feel that the UN should embrace more than just international relations. It should be available for real people who have suffered serious legal and human rights abuses. It should intervene to help those who are suffering blatant injustice, even when their own governments let them down. People from across the world are therefore urging them to use their office to address Schapelle Corby's situation."

She continued: "Schapelle Corby is enduring her fifth year of imprisonment in terrible conditions and remains in a desperate situation, yet in Australia the media's focus has steadfastly avoided the human rights breaches of the trial, the political nature of the sentence, and her continued plight after all this time. Meanwhile, the Australian government seems to have abandoned her. We are therefore urging the international community to help address this disturbing tragedy."

Ms James added: "Schapelle Corby is an innocent woman suffering and struggling hard on a daily basis just to survive. She needs people across the world to help her, and she needs organizations like the UN to represent those people and act. Even though it is such a distressing story, she desperately needs people who are reading this not to walk away but to lend their support, and become the voice which has been so cruelly taken from her."

YouTube - Tara Hack: Saya Tidak Bersalah, I'm Not Guilty (Audio)

YouTube - Schapelle Corby Protest Reaches The United Nations

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