School Zone Reform, Medical Marijuana Move Forward in Connecticut

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Connecticut has moved one step closer to becoming the first state to reform its so-called "drug-free" school zone laws. The state's Joint Committee on Judiciary voted in favor of House Bill 7406, which includes school zone reforms, just last week.

As DPA showed in a national study it commissioned on the impact of drug-free school zones, the zones do not work to deter drug dealers, and they have a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

School zones in Connecticut extend to 1,500 feet around schools, day cares, and housing projects-- so densely populated places like Hartford are completely covered by school zones, while suburban areas are not. Blanketing an entire city in these zones creates an automatic mandatory minimum for any drug crime whether it involves children or not, and the purpose of the zones--to deter illegal drug activity around schools--becomes moot.

H.B. 7406 would reform the zones to 200 feet, and require signs to be posted around schools, day care centers, and public housing projects identifying these areas as drug-free zones.

DPA fought hard for the committee passage of this important reform alongside the Speaker of the House, Marie Kirkley-Bey, the fiercely committed sponsor of the bill.

The likely next step for H.B. 7406 is a full House vote.

DPA's medical marijuana bill in Connecticut, H.B. 6715, is also going through the committee process, and DPA, with community partner A Better Way Foundation, continues to push for victory. H.B. 6715 will come before the General Law Committee sometime next week.

Connecticut legislators feel increasingly empowered to support access to marijuana for seriously ill people in the wake of New Mexico's recent medical marijuana victory. Connecticut could become the thirteenth state to make marijuana legal for medical purposes--a victory that would help patients across the country build momentum for medical marijuana reform. If you live in Connecticut, please contact your legislators to express your support for medical marijuana.

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