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Scored a new grow light today!! Have a question...


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Just wanted to share my new light set up with my fellow Deep Water Culture! I realize I am growing in dirt right now but the Deep Water Culture forum is still my home:headbang:

Picked up a Lumatek digital 400w switchable ballast, Xtrasun hood and Hortilux hps bulb from a great guy on the CL today! I can't believe how quiet the ballast is! My old light would hum me to sleep lol. I'm really excited about this set up, wish I would have had it for my last bubble grow.

I have it about 16" above my girl right now to let her adjust. Will the transition go smooth? Will this shock her a little going from the 250 standard hps to a 400w Hortilux spectrum? I assume if I keep the light high at first then gradually lower it in a few days I will be fine.

Some pics of my new toy!



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i got 2 of them :) i use the sunleaves artic cool hoods and the eye super hps's. they will ajust just fine and youll notice that you can get that light closer then you think. ive never had mine further away then 10 inches, usualy around 4 to 6 once there bigger. but i exhaust thru my hoods..
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