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Screen size for hash box?

Curly Beaver

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I want to make a hash box (or two) but am pretty confused regarding the size of material to use. After quite a bit of reading it seems some folks go a step farther and have two sizes, one for a higher quality hash and one that is just so-so for cooking etc.

I am willing and able to make the wood frames but could use help on deciding what size(s) screen would be best for dry hash. I'm in a pretty remote location so I'll have to order the material on-line.

What size screen do you use and where do you get it?

An unrelated question... after you separate the tric's what do you do with the plant material left? I'm thinking it may still be OK for topicals but I don't know that for fact.



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No problem Beaver! Good to see you!

I would also use my trim for either a oil run or something of sorts. So, I think using it for topical won't be a bad idea either. Of course it'll be slightly less product but that's obvious.

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