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SCROG: is it the right time for starting flowering?


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Hi everyone,
Down below, details of the grow and the link to the journal:
I need help on starting the flowering. You can see the plant on the photo below. Is it too early to start flowering? Any help will be appreciated.


Seed Information
Strain: Arjan's Haze #3
Supplier: Greenhouse Seeds Company
Purchase Date: 10/2013
Purchased From: Greenhouse Coffeeshop / Amsterdam
Number of Plants: 1

Grow Setup Information
Grow Room:
-Dimensions (cm): 47x70x130
-Mylar coated
-Air Inlet: 130m3/h
-Air Outlet: 380m3/h
-Odor Prevention: DIY Charcoal Filter
-Temp: 31C Day, 24C Night
Medium: Soil
-Germination: Compo Sana Seeding Soil
-Vegetation and flowering: Compo Sana Green Plant Soil
Growing Technics to Be Applied
- 6-way LST
- Scrogging
-Germination/Initial Planting: 25W CFL
-Vegetation: GE Arcstream 250W MH with proper reflector
-Flowering: GE Lucalox 250W HPS with proper reflector
-38W, 380ml/h, ultrasonic humidifier
Pot: 35L
I will follow the grow schedule suggested by BioBizz. But I think I will replace 2 weeks of vegetation with 4 weeks as LST will cause some latency compared to regular grows.

-Biobizz Bio-Heaven
-Biobizz Root-Juice
-Biobizz Bio-Bloom
-Biobizz Bio-Grow
-Biobizz Top-Max

-Indoor/Outdoor temperature monitor.
-2 way soil humidity/ph detector. (PH indicator is not working)

- Paper towel method was used, placed in a dark container for 2 days.
- Seedling was planted to a plastic seed pot (Compo Sana).
- One week after potting, the seedling was transferred to a 35-liter pot (Compo Sana) for the rest of the grow.
- During germination and first week of the plant, no nutrition was added.
- Used tap water for watering.
- Temperature was around 25-27C. during germination
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