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Scrog question


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I'm new to growing (2nd grow)so haven't yet learned everything I am reading in the archives.

I have a hydro scrog growing that I started from clones. I have 4 plants under a 250 HPS. The grow started slow but really took off once I figured the nutes out.

In any case. I am not yet clear on when to switch the grow to flowering. My grow is on day 41, the plants reached the screen 11 days ago and I have been tucking them under the screen ever since.

Pictures can be viewed in my gallery.

How do I judge when to switch to flowering?

I would greatly appreciate your help with this.


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I'm not sure when those pics will get approved, so I put them elsewhere...




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I switched it over to flowering. I found some references stating to continue to train the branches underneath for another two weeks or so. We'll see how it goes.

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