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SCROG when flower

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I have two grow spaces, one for growth and the other box is for flowering. I decide to try SCROG with 5 plants and I'm wondering can I grow in growth box and then put all five under net (SCROG box) or I need to grow from start to finish in one box?
You can transfer them. You would want to train them under the screen to get an idea of what space your looking at though so soon as you could move them in the better. Just start LSTing at the height of your screen. You should be good to go. I just had a failed attempt at it. I topped my plants and had 5 plants in a 3'6 by 3'6 and was just way to much. I could of went 12/12 when I should of it was but it was way to early in veg growth. Also with my system they grow at a fast pace. You can look below and see what I am talking about. It the aurora grow. well goosd luck bro
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I read my text, it's quite a mess, but will make it clearer:

1. Growth room. Grow till they are OK to put in flowering room (18/6 light)
2. Flowering room. Put SCROG net right on top of the plants and let them grow/flower (12/12 light) (SCROG will have adjustable height)