Scrogdawgs 4 X GG#4 In RDWC Under Timber 480SAMS LED


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On July 15th I germinated one Gorilla Glue #4 seed from Royal Queen Seeds. I put the germinated seed in soil and grew it until September 18th when I could harvest 6 cuttings. The 6 cuttings were put into the Aquacloner to root. I'll select the best 4 clones to fill my RDWC and hope to have them in the RDWC in a few weeks.

My RDWC is in a 5x5 square foot tent and has 4 plants in it. With the scrog installed my growing area is 39"x36" with an external reservoir.

In the meantime I'm taking my 2 - 400 watt MH/HPS lights out of the tent. I'm replacing them with 2 TimberGrowLights 24SAMS that utilize 4 of the HLG Quantum V2 boards with a total of 1152 Top Bin Samsung LM301B diodes (3000K Spectrum). These are the same lights as the HLG 550 V2 as advertised on the HLG website, but IMHO, Timber uses far superior build material and has much better build quality.

Strain — Royal Queen Seeds, Gorilla Glue #4, Feminized
# of Plants - 4 (clones from one mother)
Grow Type - Hydro
Grow Stage - Rooting in Aquacloner
Setup - RDWC
Light — 2 x 24SAMS from Timber Grow Lights
Nutrients - General Hydronponics (FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom), Cal/Mg and Z7
Medium - Hydroton
EC -
PH -
RH -
Room Temperature -70 to 75
Water Temperature - 66 to 71
Tent Square Footage - 25
Grow Square Footage - 9.75
Water Pump - 500 gph Submersible
Air Pump - 4 x 10.0 L/Min @ 4psi with 6" stones (1 in each bucket)

Heres what this grow currently looks like.

@Grandpa Tokin has grown some amazing GG#4 and I'm hoping this pheno will come close to producing the kind of frost he considers normal. lol.

It'll take some time for this grow and journal to get off the ground but pull up a chair anyway. As always, criticism and abuse is mandatory here. Lets have some fun and see if we can learn something from each other.


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Hey scrogdawg, I’m going to watch this if you don’t mind. I’m running royal queen seeds genetics and I’m really impressed with them and gorilla glue is definitely near the top of my list of strains to try next.


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haha,, new tech,, gotta love it,, tricks and secrets,, ha

cheers dawger,, i am goin hydro,, maybe,, will be back to chat



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They're just being built at Timber right now. They should ship about mid next week so I figure to see them in about 10 days or so. I plan to do a ppfd test on a grid set up over my scrog area at a few different distances. I'll for sure post the results and some pictures then.

This is all I got right now. No apparent rooting on day 3. I'll be amazed if theres anything in the way of roots before day 10.



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I can see following this journal is going to get expensive for me....already been on the timber website today!! All looking good scrogdawg. Can’t wait for this to take off.


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@Lewydeville Timber removed all the LED's from their website about a week ago but they still have some of the QB boards available while they last. If your interested contact


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I’m definitely interested, i want to replace the 600 hps in the flower tent so I’m totally led. I’ll send him an email this week and see what the score is.
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