Scrogdawg's Banana Kush Feminised, In RDWC Under QB288 LED's


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On November 22nd I germinated one Banana Kush Fem seed from the Single Seed Center. I put the germinated seed in soil and grew it until January 15th when I could harvest 4 cuttings. The cuttings were put into the Aquacloner to root.

jan15 a.jpg

jan20 f.jpg

My RDWC is in a 5x5 square foot tent and hosts 4 plants. With the scrog screen installed my growing area is 39" x 36" with an external reservoir. I use 2 Timber SAMS240 watt lights which consist of 4 - HLG QB 288 V2 LED boards.

oct5 a.jpg


Strain — Single Seed Center, Banana Kush, Feminized
# of Plants - 4 (clones from one mother)
Grow Type - Hydro
Grow Stage - Early Veg
Setup - RDWC
Light — 2 x 24SAMS from Timber Grow Lights
Nutrients - General Hydronponics (FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom), Cal/Mg and Z7
Medium - Hydroton
PPM - 340
EC - .68
PH - 5.8
RH -
Tent Temperature -70 to 75 F
Water Temperature - 66 to 71 F
Tent Square Footage - 25
Grow Square Footage - 9.75
Water Pump - 500 gph Submersible
Air Pump - 4 x 10.0 L/Min @ 4psi with 6" stones (1 in each bucket)

I just finished cutting and trimming my last GG#4 grow yesterday and got the tent cleaned up last night. This morning I moved the 4 Banana Kush from the cloner to the RDWC.

feb1 c.jpg

feb4 b.jpg

feb4 a.jpg

I also have 1 Bubblegum Auto from Sunwest Genetics that I'm growing in a single bucket dwc. Its growing under a 400 watt MH/HPS light. I'll post about its journey occasionally in this journal as well.

feb4 c.jpg

Thats where things stand right now.

Grab a seat if your interested, and please share your thoughts as the grow progresses.


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I’m grabbing a seat for this. Tried getting some banana Kush but it’s sold out so I got RQS Fat banana instead. Let’s hope for some nice nana terps. Everything looking immaculate as always SD.


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Old school, No chiller or nothing on the BubbleGum. I have been thinking about that myself.

I'm not expecting much from it @JustMeds . I had the seed an old air pump the bucket and a light so in it went. It'll eat whatever the rdwc is eating. Kind of stole the idea from a single auto @Grandpa Tokin is doing right now in a bucket.

Grandpa Tokin

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Very quick turnaround Sd. You beat me by a long shot. I’m contemplating doing several different single bucket runs for awhile. I like how this auto is going so far. Reminds me of when I started dwc.

I’m definitely grabbing a seat for this one.
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