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Scrogdawg's Banana Kush Feminised, In RDWC Under QB288 LED's


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On November 22nd I germinated one Banana Kush Fem seed from the Single Seed Center. I put the germinated seed in soil and grew it until January 15th when I could harvest 4 cuttings. The cuttings were put into the Aquacloner to root.

jan15 a.jpg

jan20 f.jpg

My RDWC is in a 5x5 square foot tent and hosts 4 plants. With the scrog screen installed my growing area is 39" x 36" with an external reservoir. I use 2 Timber SAMS240 watt lights which consist of 4 - HLG QB 288 V2 LED boards.

oct5 a.jpg


Strain — Single Seed Center, Banana Kush, Feminized
# of Plants - 4 (clones from one mother)
Grow Type - Hydro
Grow Stage - Early Veg
Setup - RDWC
Light — 2 x 24SAMS from Timber Grow Lights
Nutrients - General Hydronponics (FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom), Cal/Mg and Z7
Medium - Hydroton
PPM - 340
EC - .68
PH - 5.8
RH -
Tent Temperature -70 to 75 F
Water Temperature - 66 to 71 F
Tent Square Footage - 25
Grow Square Footage - 9.75
Water Pump - 500 gph Submersible
Air Pump - 4 x 10.0 L/Min @ 4psi with 6" stones (1 in each bucket)

I just finished cutting and trimming my last GG#4 grow yesterday and got the tent cleaned up last night. This morning I moved the 4 Banana Kush from the cloner to the RDWC.

feb1 c.jpg

feb4 b.jpg

feb4 a.jpg

I also have 1 Bubblegum Auto from Sunwest Genetics that I'm growing in a single bucket dwc. Its growing under a 400 watt MH/HPS light. I'll post about its journey occasionally in this journal as well.

feb4 c.jpg

Thats where things stand right now.

Grab a seat if your interested, and please share your thoughts as the grow progresses.

Guy Cavallero

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Happy to be here Scrog!


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Very efficient use of time. Out with the old and in with the new, awesome.

Ya, but I was sweatin like a hooker in church all weekend.


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I’m grabbing a seat for this. Tried getting some banana Kush but it’s sold out so I got RQS Fat banana instead. Let’s hope for some nice nana terps. Everything looking immaculate as always SD.


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Old school, No chiller or nothing on the BubbleGum. I have been thinking about that myself.

I'm not expecting much from it @JustMeds . I had the seed an old air pump the bucket and a light so in it went. It'll eat whatever the rdwc is eating. Kind of stole the idea from a single auto @Grandpa Tokin is doing right now in a bucket.

Grandpa Tokin

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Very quick turnaround Sd. You beat me by a long shot. I’m contemplating doing several different single bucket runs for awhile. I like how this auto is going so far. Reminds me of when I started dwc.

I’m definitely grabbing a seat for this one.


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4 days into the rdwc and everything is going well with the Banana Kush plants. Got a few roots starting to peek out of the netpots. EC is at 0.7 and the lights are hitting with 400 ppfd.

feb7 d.jpg
feb7 f.jpg
feb7 g.jpg
feb7 e.jpg
feb7 h.jpg
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