Scrogdawg's Banana Kush Feminised, In RDWC Under QB288 LED's


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Absolutely love your setup! I'm in for the show. I just got some QB's this week. Hopefully I get a frame made this weekend and get them hung

Good to see you here Dankman. I think you'll be impressed with the QB's.

Grabbing a seat for this one. The GG#4 were four killer plants :popcorn:

Thanks HG. The smoke isn't too shabby either.

:ciao: I found ya now.

Thought I was going to have to come and get ya....:laugh:


Thought I was going to have to come and get ya....:laugh:

Sometimes I get a little lost in the smoke. Or the woods, or the garage... You get the picture haha thanks for leaving me out there is fuckin cold here

Everytime I see that you have walk space around your 3*3 I kick myself in the ass for these 4*4 tents by the way.


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Day 7 Veg, Banana Kush.
A quick picture update for Sunday morning. The roots are really coming in now. They're touching the water now so in a couple days I should see some growth up top starting.

feb10 a.jpg
feb10 b.jpg
feb10 c.jpg

The Bubblegum auto laid over on the clay for 2 days all wrinkled up and limp. Next day I went to pull it out and shut off the air pump and it was up again. That should just about fuck any chance of a good auto plant but we'll ride it out and see.

feb10 d.jpg

Heres the last 5 Banana Kush clones that I planted in soil. They're leaving for a new home today.

feb10 e.jpg


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The last of the old stashes. Proper storage and curing sure make a big difference, there doesn't seem to be any loss in taste or potency. I'll hang these two around for special occasions, maybe try them on they're 2 year of curing anniversary.
The Strawberry Kush was jarred on January 11th, 2018.
The ThaiStick X MamaThai was jarred on September 15th, 2017.



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The difference in the cured bud from my previous grow up to my latest harvest is unbelievable. You wouldn’t think it was the same strain let alone a clone of it. That Thai stick just looks plain naughty. Very nice.


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Day 11 Veg. The Banana Kush are doing great. I increased the EC to 1240µS two days ago and they seem to like it. The root development is right on track. I'll give them a couple more days with the extra nutes and then increase the light to 600 µmol/m2/s.

I haven't topped any of the four plants yet. I'm tempted to try a scrog without topping at all. The last GG#4 was so thick in under the canopy that I felt I lost some good bud to the overcrowding. I'd far sooner have a little less bud that was of a higher quality.






The Bubblegum auto is at Day 14 in the dwc. It laid over on the clay for day 7 and 8 then stood back up and hasn't done anything for the past week. Piece of shit. Fuck autos.

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