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I have been wondering if anyone can assist me in one more thing.. I/We are wishing to quickly multiply our output and growth in both clones and buds. I know it seems sort of a crazy question, but;

I have never worked on a "SOG" program before, and was wondering if it is as productive as most people seem to describe? I mean It stands to reason that by cloning more plants, sooner and then flowering them sooner does it still produce quality results in the bud, or does the plants suffer decresed THC levels in the buds?:tokin:

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U get long colas that are solid. If you do it get a strain that doens't grow laterally/bushy. The quality of bud is typically better (for the whole garden) IMO. You get uniforn, long, fat, colas. You can pack plenty of plants in a smaller space for nice short crops. This makes SOG great for tent and closet grows or growboxes. Don't veg too long or you may find yourself staking colas and tying them to the ceiling to keep plants from breaking. I get plants that lean and wanna fall over around week 7. There's a pick of one on the 1st or 2nd page in my member gallery. U can't miss it. Its next to a gallon water jug leaning over. Good luck. Hope this helps.


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First I would like to say, I saw your grow, nice.......good job....

Initially, I started just a typical process of growth as I was not aware of SOG processing... or how it would effect the plants and the product..

Currently, we are running all hydro.. For financial reasons, I made every part of our system, which grew to two systems and soon to three integrated systems for our grow room(s)..

We are wanting to increase volume, knowing that quantity of production between the individual plants may suffer..Each system "Leaches" (for a lack of a better word) from each other, due again to financial reasons..

I am finding out real quick that even when you raise from seeds, and even from baby clones, plants do not always grow the same heights or at the same rates...So, I was trying to go with a means of working between all of the stages, to increase number of plants and minimize time between yields, without depleteing the quality of bud after flowering...

As mentioned in another thread I started, titled:" Decision Time Delima", we also restrained by height issues and spaces to put the flowering plants, as they are coming up.. So, a friend asked me if I knew or heard of "SOG". Well, I had not, until about a week or so ago.. Come to find out, The system I build appears to be more suitable for cycle growning of the plants, rather than letting them run thier natural course of growth...:popcorn:

Anyways, I will soon get some pics to post with my ramblings....

I started with a cloner, then grew to two cloners.. linked them together w/ siphon hose, to keep nutes uniform and water levels up.. then they grew a bit, and had to bring in buckets.. did not want to get a 55 gal drum, so used two pumps to cycle nutes between cloners and the buckets, and put them on timers, to allow 6 hr fill cycles/ 20 min saturation in buckets; then pumps back to res.. to sit in air saturated cloner for another 6 hrs feeding the clones. (ebb&flo)

As crazy as the system sounds, the plants seem to be lovin it...
in the greenhouse. So, I figured that by cycling the plants between various, containers which are lower in profile from the 5 gal. buckets, I figured SOG might fit our system, and fit our needs or better yet, wants of increasing number of plants and less down time between harvesting...

Now that I have totally bored you to death; I want to say I appreciate the info GWC... YOU THE BOMB....:Hookah:

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No prob Crazy. Helping is part of the reason I'm here. Sounds good, but hard to visualize cuz I'm a dirt farmer. Lemme know when u get pics up. Search the forum threads for ideas too. There's plenty of good info in these forums. Start here if u haven't checked this link out yet> 420 Magazine ®


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I have never tried the SOG but have read lots about it and from what I understand some strains will do better than others In a SOG environment. I can suggest to stay away from landrace strains as a lot of them require a bit longer veg cycle to get the full potential form the plant. I have heard good things about NL in SOG but with a little research I'm sure you will find the strain that is right for you and your garden. :goodluck:
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