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Searching for caregivers in RI


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I am MacKinPain from a surgeon in Boston traumatizing my back from my L2 to my S1 are clumped together like a horse's tail or cooked spaghetti. Inca only tolerate edibles or hash oil high in CBD. MY PROBLEM is the two state run compassion centers never have an abundance of high CBD PRODUCTS. My asthma prevents me from smoking or using vaporizers.

Are there any legal RI growers that sell mmj high in CBD? With two bulging discs in neck my pain level is getting higher, as well as, an increase in muscle spasms. High THC EDIBLES leave me useless.

Thanks for any help you can give or advise. Does RI have a list of licensed caregivers?



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:welcome: MacKinPain, I checked the dispensary lists for RI and unfortunately, there appear to be no legal ones in your state? What is a
"compassion center"? Have you considered growing your own? Some of the seed banks that sponsor our community here do list the amount of CBD in some of their strains. I wish you well. :peace:
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