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Hellooooo, :MoreNutes: the peace pipe toker has found the 420 mag forums yay. I am a complete activist theirs only one problem, left my job because i moved to NC for the rest of last year and now im caught between the bud and a hard place :helpsmilie: ... All signs show imma have to leave it alone until i can get hired somewhere but i'm hoping some mary jane mentor comes out the wood work with a miracle solution :goodluck:.. wishful thinking i guess.
im 22 location the district (DC) and lookin for friends in this lifestyle, i mean i have friends but their kinda in the same boat and its all kinda boring, I'm a big fan of diversity and i wish i had a Asain toker friend and i wish my girl was a toker... actually my goal is to get at least 12 to 15 ethnicities to smoke with sooooooo. yea :focus:

iono what else really, but heres to the 420 reeferlution :yummy: Fallen Warriors, Current Warriors, Friends, Family, high grade. oh also if i need to take a truth test dont hesitate to send one my way be it a toke to a sheit load of questions im good i understand ive been through it before lls.

Favorite papers:
Zig Zags slow burn 1.44 (orange pack)
Ez Widers 1/2
best two ive had

Testing Now:
kinda a lifted person i am?
Musical sometimes calm sometimes live, giggly hungry then active, if i could get high then go out on the town every time, id do it and thats for anything to just shoppin to a bar to just travelin doesnt matter lets just go and do things if not then lets just toke and sit back with Mary...

one thing i wanna do high is toke then get in a hot air baloon ride over the winery in North Carolina with Rick Steeves lls he's a cool cat.
is their a reveiw for papers here? let me know.... imma shut up now :peace2: :goodjob::joint:

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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine.
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness... :Hookah:

MV... :popcorn:
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