Seaweed in soil?

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I live right beside the atlantic ocean,,so i was wondering if it would be safe to mix seaweed with my soil,,if so what bennifit would it have,,or is it a no no

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Sea weed as a soil amendment dates back a few hundred years in my neck of the woods.

I use it in my own back garden for growing veggies etc basically applied late autumn as a mulch let the rain wash the sea salt away / leaching over the months & all decomposed by spring.

It would be a good idea to soak the sea weed or wash & rinse to remove the salt before using & even better as an amendment if recycling your soil.

On a side note sea weed contains a large amount of elements from the periodic table plus organic matter for those little benifical microrgnasim to feed on if you are in to the organic ways.


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I usually put it on as a mulch in spring and fall. Rinse it or let it lay out in the rain for a few days to get the salt out.
There are many kinds of seaweed of course and they break down at different rates. Kelp just melts away in a couple weeks, while stuff like eelgrass and bladderwort take a year or two. They're all great for soil nutrition and the only burning I've had was when I used fresh unrinsed kelp -straight from the beach and piled 8" deep around my rhubarb- it just got a little mild burn then it started growing like crazy. :thumb:
I haven't tried mixing it right into the soil though -unless maybe it was well composted. Either brew it/rot it/blend into a sludge, or use it as a mulch on the surface I think.


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I top cover my garden in the fall then till in in the spring never had any issues here on Pei it was a tip my old man taught me!

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