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Second Grow: Humboldt Seeds Organization's Purple Trainwreck Soil Grow!


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Although I've been having a few weird problems with the leaves, the ladies are growing strong!

Strain: HSO Purple Trainwreck

Currently: Day 35 from seeds (Veg)

Setup: 4x4 Secret Jardin
1000w HPS bulb w/ 6in fan 18/6 for veg
50/50 mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Happy Frog
General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutriets
4x 5 gallon buckets

I also cut a few clones because this strain seems to be really solid and I like the smoke from the last time I grew it, but I only grew one.

I will be flowering next week, but here's how they look right now :)



I'll post more once they start their flowering!

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All right I love Train wreck. I am looking at getting me some Purple Trainwreck. I have been growing Regular Train Wreck for a long time and I have seen this newer Purple Trainwreck grown on here.


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It's a really great strain! I was antsy the first time I grew and cured for too short a period but still had a great smoke. I'll definitely take my time with these ladies though. Can't wait to see the buds they produce!

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Lol. Train wreck takes time to finish for sure. I found it likes to stall for that last week or so in flower. But that's a good sativa for ya. It is one of my favorite when done right

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I have grown Train for a long time. Two main things. One is it better to top it and tie it down to make it bush out. I found it grows the best in a scrog net. It loves to grow a bunch of small stuff on the bottom you will want to trim away. The second thing is, you will want to be ready for the colas. I mean ether double scrog or a bunch of yoyos. It is a sativa and very thin branch's so the buds will want to fall over so be ready to have something to support them. Other then that It is a very easy plant to grow


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Awesome thanks! I'm just returning back from a trip and I'll post some pics this weekend. They will be rounding up week 2 of flower!


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Great work on those plants they look awesome! I just popped my train wreck fem seed 2 days ago and put her in a pot last night. Glad I found this journal. Keep up the good work mate! Subbed and reps


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Thanks so much! Here's another shot of the colas. The one large one on the left is over a foot tall. You can also see the great natural purple hues.


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Mine look WAY differently. Heavy fat indica leaves. Am I missing something about these being sativa dominant also? It is sold as an indica dom hybrid....
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