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Second Grow. Indoor to Outdoor.


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This is my second grow. Before this I had 17 plants in pots all ready to go.
Long story, but heater shut off and all plants froze. I learned from it and moved on.

Below are plants that I will be transplanting outside in a couple weeks.
They are seeds from a hermie plant from my last grow and 3 Bella Ciao.
1 Bella Ciao is up and growing...the other two arent popping up.

(Pics are taken from my phone. Sorry they arent the greatest)

The hermie seeds are growing strong and fast.



Heres the one Bella Ciao at a few days since tap root was planted.

Heres a pic of one of the hermie seeds. (In theory, will these be female?)

Im trying this 'organic' Expert brand soil with vermiculite and dolomite lime added.

I water with tap water and superthrive.
I went with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom A and B. Its a 2-part nutrient regime. I've heard good things about A.N. Wish me luck.

I will transplant these outside into a compost mix I created:
Bone meal--horse shit--worms--regular potting soil--dolomite lime and some organice fertilzer containg Humic Acid and Mycorrhizae.

White Widow and White Rhino are on the way from Dope-Seeds.
Very good service so far by the way.
I hear good things about the medicinal value of these strains.

Also, I wanted to add that I have been off all my prescription meds for my Ulcerative colitis. Cannabis has been an unexpected miracle for me and thats no joke. Anyone whos dealt with Colitis or Crohns disease will understand. One hit 3 times daily. Thats it.
I was curious...has anyone moved to a medical marijuana state soley for the reason for using cannabis to help him/her? Residency must first be acquired, but I'm already considering. A couple offices in Cali have already told me I could grow legally. That would be such a relief for me.
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Hey bro, good luck with the plants!! I'm sure they will be just fine, though. I haven't moved to another state for MMJ but I tell you what, I've been considering moving south (MI sucks balls) anyway so I might end up doing what your going. anyway, good luck with the plants.


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im starting the same thing, here in NC the weathers already 75... i just started germ. today

good luck man.. im following ur footsteps haha


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All are looking real green and showing some fat little leaves.


Below is seed from a hermie.

Below is the one Bella Ciao. (This strain has been very difficult to germinate)

These pics are a few days old. Plants look even bigger now.

Question: How much longer do you think I could veg in those pots? I want to transplant asap but our forecast still shows lows next weekend of 48F. Isnt that too cold?

Heres a pic of the nutes I'm using this time.

Dope-Seeds sent me my 2 packs in 6 days. Damn fast.
However, I got Northern Lights instead of White Rhino. He sent me a full White Rhino at half price and I just kept the N. Lights... :)
Cant wait to grow those 3 strains.
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If it is particularly hard to germinate I would suggest trying to keep a mother for clones if you want that strain in the near future.


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Looking real pretty Coop.. Good start..

48F is too cold to put outside unless you introduce them to it gradually.. (Heck, If you can keep them inside another week or two, that would be even better)



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Its been just under 2 weeks. They are now in 8" pots.
I'm trying to keep these inside as long as I can before I have to put them out.
And I'm slowly introducing them to cooler temps.
I gave them all a slight feeding a few days ago.

Below is the Bella Ciao. Hope its a girl!

Below is a pic of 2 of the 5 plants from hermie seed. They are growing fast..

In a couple weeks, I'll begin the Northern Lights, White Widow and White Rhino from Nirvana.
I have never smoked these strains. What can I expect :)
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your plants are growing real good, how old are they? i was thinking about nuturing some plants inside before i start my outdoor. where do you plant yours outside? ive got mine in a waterfowl impoundment and is basically a swamp. should be real nice this season.


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Thanks man! (p.o.d, good band)
Those pics were taken just before the 2 week mark.
I'm starting the plants inside to give them a little head start. And will probably produce a bigger plant in the end.
This is my first outdoor grow so I have a spot prepared in the woods. A pond is just nearby.



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Heres a little update.

Heres the Bella Ciao. A beautiful plant! Love the way its filling in...has anyone grown this before? Its growing so compact...really tight growth.


And below are a couple pics of my mystery seed. They are growing much faster than the Bella Ciao.

Heres a pic of 3 of the best lookin mystery seed.

Bought my first waterpipe. I loooooove it.

Ill put a couple of these outside next week and see how they do.
Then, I'll put out the rest of them (soon) because these plants are gonna fill up my closet!
These plants are under only 4, 4 foot fluoros and are filling in quite nicely.
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i thought i read somewhere that hermie seeds would have hermie tendencies in their genetics. is that true? what do you think the odds are those hermie seed plants turn out to be hermies themselves?

phatty plants btw. keep those pictures rollin'



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actually Glass...i've been wondering that too.
I can definately tell 1..possibly 2 are hermies because they have the same 'twisting mutating' shape as the mother. (Those are the plants I'll be setting outside next week)

On the other hand, are hermie seeds more likely to be female?


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Heres a pic of the Bella Ciao. I took it today.

I started 10 seeds of White Rhino using the paper towel method yesterday.
I'll grow them indoors for a few weeks and then put them outside to go crazy!

Oh, can someone tell me if I should just scrap the other plants due to them coming from a hermie plant? Some of them are already possessing the wierd leaf twisting shapes just like their mother...or father...or transvestite...or whatever that freak was! But a couple of them look fine...what would you do?



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hey man, i have the same problem...i planted my accidentals outside (again) and two of them have twisted and mutated leaves...im wondering if they are even worth spending any real time on them. i want to finish them just so i can get a little exp. the third looks fine, and is growing faster, and bushier and healthier than the other two.

great looking plants man! keep it up.


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Hey all..:smoke2:
Just wanted to say I got my plants outdoors...and I think they are lovin the sun...
this is my first outdoor grow so i hope they get huge..!

Also. 7 of my 10 white rhino hatched and are in 8" pots at about 1.5 weeks old.
I will keep 4 of them inside under a 600watt MH in 5 gallon buckets and plant the rest outside in next few days.

Below is a pic of the 4 mystery plants. hope they grow to kingdom come..

Below is a pic of the bella ciao...

Been feeding with Advanced Nutrients.. I imagine I wont need to feed my
outdoor plants as much as my indoor ones?



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hey nice plants GroowCoop! i wish i could grow outdoors..cant wait to see what they look like at the end!


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I don't want to be sounding too critical ....but..... seems to be alot of shadow in the pic's of outside. And those 4 plants are ( in my opinion ) too close together. They'd get alot bigger in full sun and spaced farther apart . Other than that , they look real healthy. P.S. I'd scrap the hermies and go with the white rhino's . :peace:
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