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Second time in budd stage as a newbie


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as i said im a newbie ,by all means.my last grow consisted of two plants and it was thw first time ever makin it to the bud stage neverthelss making it all the way to homebase,but that a whole other story by itself...i have pics of the girls .this time around i was given the great pleausureof a visit form a lad i met right ion this forum,and as time went by we became good buds! hge happened to be coming to gotham city and i gave him the old good gesture of if in town check me out for and ol good ome on one from a person with much more wisdom than me in this grow thing odf ours...anyway heres the pics ..by the way he blessed me with some beans wich happen to be 7phaze beans and a special strain wich i had never heard of and god only knows how ive tried to get some background on iut but no luck its gordys spice! any one familiar?tell me wat ya think


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Hi tat2gee... You're really lucky to be gifted some of those beans... Gordy's Spice are not available anymore... so if you like them, make sure to make a few more seeds for yourself so as not to run out...

Also... you'll want to veg them almost to the height you want them to finish.. they don't have hardly any stretch to them at all..

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