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Second Year NE Outdoor, Looking for Tips


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My soil is all natural loaded with tons of worms
I till it before plating clearing all bothersome plants away from the area
My plants are naturally watered due to a natural run off, my girls are planted in specific spots around it.
They are transplanted when they sprout their second defined set of leaves, a foot and a half away from each other
They get light at 10am to 7pm
The holes are filled with rocks on the bottom about 1" by 3"
They are topped two to three times depending on they're development
Fertilizers and enhancers are used only a transplanting and three weeks prior to harvest
Treated with all natural organic pest and insect repellent when necessary
Twenty Eight saplings all together ranging from 2" with two sets of adult leafs to 5" with three to four adult leafs.

Any tips or need more info please let me know,


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If anyone knows of fertilizers or enhancers I can use for my outdoor girls please let me know, I would like to give them as much of a boost as possible without causing any burning or harm to them
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