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Since I haven't done it for 8 years the secret can now be revealed.

I dealt weed for decades back in L.A., always to the same dozen or so people. Most people lived nearby, and if they wanted weed they'd just stop over to see if I had any. But if they were calling to see if I had any for sale, I'd always insist they used a code (since I had a prior sales beef).
They came up with some really dumb ones. One guy would ask if I had any "green carpet" for sale. Another would refer to weed as tomato's, but that was a bust if he for example asked me if I could sell him 1/2 oz of tomato's.
I finally worked out a crude code where they just asked if I was gonna be home. If I had weed I said yeah, if I didn't have any weed I'd say I was gonna be home but would be busy.

I had a friend let's call him S. who lived about a 1.5 hr. drive away.

He dealt usually 1/2 and full oz.'s, and I dealt lbs. So I'd call him up about every week or so and if I was gonna talk dope I'd greet him with "What it is bro?", instead of my usual "hey what's up?"
Then I'd ask him if I could stop by. He would say sure if he was looking to buy some, and that he wasn't going to be home if he didn't. If he was getting low he would say something like "I'm gonna be busy for the next coupla days, but you can swing by next Tues. I'll be free then."
If he WAS looking to buy some, after telling me I could stop by he'd say "Hey could you stop off on the way and pick up
-a couple of beers (2 oz.)
-a 6-pack (a 1/4 lb)
-a case (full lb.).

We used this code for nearly 20 years.


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Hehehe, nice code words

Ya, you are definitly better off setting little subtil codes like this then going on with terms like 'tomatoes' hehe.. You never know who's listening in on the calls..


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ranger i prolly sound like a broken record. but i love your stories you remind me of an older guy i get stuff from. been around in the 70s lived in cali,knows the mountains and the forests be involved with alot of things...

haha i always get happy when i see a new story or anecdote(sp) i know it would be good shit


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Great story! My friends and I use the code word "shrimp" when talking about MJ. We usually buy it by the QP and we call that a "big sack of shrimp" but if we can't get but a smaller amount we call it a "small sack of shrimp".



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I used almost the exact same code for a long time.

"Hey man, was thinking of stopping by for a bit, gonna be around?"
"Yep, I'll be here" - Good to go for whatever.
"Well, I got shit to do here in an hour or so, but if you're going to be quick, should be cool." - I'm running a little low.
"Nah, I got a bunch of shit to do man, can't really hang out right now." - Out.
"Kinda busy right now, you want to give me a call in a couple hours/tomorrow/couple days" - Out but should have some when I ask them to call back.

People mix it up too, if they were calling for something out of the ordinary. "Was thinking of stopping up for a half hour" usually meant they needed 1/2 oz. Hour meant full oz.

It works great. Sounds natural. The problem with calling and asking about tomatoes, or "pies" as one dude constantly referred to it, is that if the cops are already thinking something is up, it's still horribly fucking obvious as to whats going on. It's slightly discreet, but it's not going to throw off anybody with even the slightest suspicion.


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Right on. . . thats the way we did it. . U around? Back before that code we would talk football, The positions or a players number would be the key, and we always got it fucked up. . .lol!:laughtwo:

I also like your stories RD, you remind me of someone I used to know. . .:peace:


We have language like that around here, not as advanced though. I like the
-a couple of beers (2 oz.), -a 6-pack (a 1/4 lb), -a case (full lb.), definetly something i would do if i was selling alot. Great story though!


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As usual, great story RD...oh, and can you pick up a case on your way over :cheesygrinsmiley:


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My buddy hooks up my bro back home and my buddy said to ask him if he was hanging out with some one weird, so my bro asks him if he's hanging out with Bobbafette.


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We don't use a code when looking to purchase or even sell, we don't go shouting it through the street either, I only speak to one person if I have something to sell on, cell phones are way too dodgy for my liking and they get the message round for me free and extremely fast!
I wouldn't ring up for a pick up any way as I usually drop into my dealer mates for a coffee from time to time, he thinks thats cool! On saying that I wouldn't like some one to just call at mine on the off chance I'd got some to sell, I use arranged and specific appointment times that fit into the business I'm doing!


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Thats some good code, and pretty creative.
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