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Seed Breeders Genetic reliability?

Bottled Cat

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I of course like any grower, am always out to grow something new. I had a friend locally who had supplied me with genetics, but recently he moved out of country. I have dealt with Seed Vendors before, and I am not looking for that (please no Attitude, or Gypsy etc references). I am only looking for opinions/suggestions for the actual breeder.

I see a lot of great plants featured by "Nirvana", are these too good to be true? I thought I read somewhere that "Nirvana's" plants weren't finishing out with much potency? If anyone has any type of review/ personal reliability reference to any particular seed breeder, please let me know. Thank you.



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You should take a look at mr nice seeds with Howard marks and Shantibaba. I'm pretty sure Shantibaba used to breed for greenhouse and made strains like white widow and white rhino and silver haze before leaving greenhouse to start mr nice. I do know that there are some vids on YouTube that interview them about their breeding programs. Also check out THseeds too they've got vids on YouTube too talking about their breeding programs and give you a litte insite on how they do things.
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