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Seed casing still attached?


Have some new seedlings that sprouted up, and there are 3 or 4 that still have the seed casing on the leaves. Its been this way for several days. Should I attempt to remove it, or will it eventually come off on it's own? I just dont want it to die from this.


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Tony Urban

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Attempt to remove it. I have used a few techniques.

Using a pair of tweezers, close the tip, insert the closed tip between the edges of the seed case. Let the tweezers open, hopefully prying open the case.

I have also used thin razor blades when the opening wasn’t very wide. Carefully prying open the case.

Seedlings are pretty resilient. Just try not to cut or damage the plant material.


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After a few days they should come off on their own. I'd recommend misting them with water the soil looks a little dry and if you can depending on the temp of the room or tent put plastic wrap over the top of the cup and use an elastic to go around the rim of the cup to keep it on and use a tooth pick or something and poke a dozen or so holes thru the plastic. Take the plastic off once a day for 15 mins or so or if it gets to moist in the cup. But for sure I'd dry misting it. The plant in the pic looks like you maybe able to carefully take the shell off, just be careful.
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