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Seed popped out of the soil! But so did the root - Wtf?


so i've planted my seeds yesterday and today they popped out of the ground. One of them however had the root that also popped out of the ground.

I added a bit of soil on top of the tip of the root and moisten it up.

Ps: I've been using humidity dome on each pot.
is there a way to fix this?


i've done some small ''surgery''.
unearthed the seedling and set it back to a vertical position.
Fingers crossed!

The Germinator

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seed popped out of the soil! But so did the root... wtf?

The only time I seen a root "run" from soil is when the soil was too hot. Not saying yours is running. Maybe you didn't plant deep enough. Normally it takes bout three days for one to show. Yours showed in one day. Sounds like you planted to shallow. Plant at least 1/2 deep up to even an inch deep.
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