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Seed question


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Hey 420,

I know this has been asked here in the past (i've read enough threads hah)

If a genetic (not stressed) hermaphrodite pollinates a true female what are the resulting seeds likely to be?

  • Regular
  • Regular with hermy tendencies
  • Female
  • Female with hermy tendencies
  • Male
  • Male with hermy tendencies

im reading many conflicting opinions my mind is fried :helpsmilie:..

Any help would be great




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Not sure if anyone can say for sure what they will be. I too find it weird that you didn't more comments. Usually not hard to get someone to tell you how much they know. I can't and won't tell you if they will be reg. or female. I'm pretty sure they won't be all male with hermie tendencies. Bottom line is they will have hermie traits and will always be a risk to any grow. You will be amazed how fast a plant can grow mature and dump pollen. If you have no other choice try them but watch them closely.
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