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Seedling help!


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Hello! I am new to the forum and looking for a little seedling help.
Indoors, open room plenty of air flow 68° f
Fox farms ocean forest 1 gallon bucket
Watering: tap not sure of Ph yet.
Lighting 2x 2' Sylvania premium daylight 6500k Octron bulbs to 1250 lumens 17W
My second set of leaves are canoeing down "claw?"
I only watered once a week with a few mists in fear of overwatering.
My research showed either over or under watering so I would like some help in diagnosis.
Thanks in advance!
Photos coming***


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Well man have u seen where people are doing 1/4 happy frog and 3/4 ffof. Fox farm has a lot of nitrogen for seedlings the happy frog will five it enuff time for you roots to go into the Fox farm and then she will be fine, she looks fine I've seen this before in person with the ffof u will be fine, now talking about the claw I have that shit in dro and it's hard but I think I got that out of the way


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You should start with a smaller container that will help allot with over watering that container looks way to big for a seedling you can make it work just for next time.
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