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Seedling leaves in DWC


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Hey there,

Day 5 from sprout:

Question regarding my first set of leaves on my Pineapple Kush. They seem to be sagging a bit but color looks ok and it stands on its own strength at about 3.5in. This is in a DWC with top feed, Sensi A+B (Ph Perfect nutes at 230ppm). My LED grow light is 230W I believe about a foot from the top. Leaves have been very slowly dropping/drooping, wondering if this is an issue or if that may be part of the growing cycle? Second set is rolling in pretty fast now.

Cab temp is 78 degrees and humidity around 34%. It's on an 18/6 cycle as of last night. I also have 2 air stones in there and it's bubbling pretty aggressively in 10L of water. Seedlings are in rockwool and surrounded with hydroton. one root is an inch or so in the water now which is about an inch from the bottom of the netpot.

Here is a close up, sorry if the info is a little jumbled.

Thanks for the help!
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