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Seedling Problems DWC


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Hi all,

I am trying DWC for the first time with I guess a moderate level of growing experience, although I have done a ton of research.
My seedling are definitely having problems as you can see. My exhaust fan crapped out and the water temps became to high and I got root rot shortly after adding nutes, which I may have waited too long to add (day 11, 115ppm @.5 scale). So I treated with h2o2 but ended up miss calculating the amount and put way too much h2o2 in, Doh!. I realized my blunder the next day and did a res change, which I was going to do anyway after a day of h2o2. I should mention I am using AN ph perfect hobbyist nutes. For the res change I added the voodoo juice only for a day hoping to give the beneficials a head start, then added the rest the next day, 120ppm. Then about 2 days later they started showing all these symptoms. The pics are the same plant, upper pic is a day earlier.

After all that happened right off the get go I was surprised that they appeared to be fine for a few days until this sudden down turn. Now I'm doubtful they will survive at all. I have searched like crazy but there seems to be limited info on seedling issues. Nothing to this extent anyway. I did move the light up to the top of my 6' tent thinking light burn may be a factor although they have gone for the first 2 weeks with no sign of too much light or heat, air temps are at the low end. The yellowing of the leaves would suggest nute burn but they where only on water for the first 11 days and then low ppm nutes. The water is tap water that I have bubbled the chlorine out of and very low starting ppm of 39
Any help would be appreciated. Even if its just to tell me they are unrecoverable, lol.



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Thanks AngryBird,

They look a little worse leaf wise today. Here is a pic of the one and only root I can see. Only the one plant has a root coming out of the net pot. All 4 are suffering the same symptoms.
d20 post rot.jpg

It looked much worse when I noticed the rot. It improved dramatically. Im sure the overdose of h2o2 really rid the system the rot. So I guess its just a matter of waiting to see if they recover now. All the environmental parameters are good, except the RH is a bit low at 40%. When I first transferred them from the seed dome I put small Tupperware type containers over them for a few days so it wasnt such a rapid change of RH. My apostrophe key is broken now.

Even if they do recover, wont they be stunted and /or give less yield?
I guess Ill take what I can get at this point, lol.

Heres a pic of a different plant that looks even worse now than the previous one.
WW BL~d20.jpg

Worrying that it may have been a light /heat /wind issue, I raised the light (250w mh) all the way up but never had it closer than 35in and aimed the fans away from the plants, although I only had the gentlest breeze on the to begin with.


Was that plant covered by plastic or anything of the like while starting out? Have seen this where the leaves are touching the side of like a sandwich bag over the top of a cup, and the temperature is too high. It will survive. Can make it pretty later by clipping them off.


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Yes they where in a seed dome that I made sure was big enough so that none of the plants would touch the walls or ceiling. I made sure to keep them from touching that shiny bubble wrap too. Temps have been on the low side, except when the fan failed, Im in Canada and its winter.

Im thinking of adding some z7. On the label it boasts that it can repair roots. I am using voodoo juice but I guess its not the same? I just hope it doesnt hinder the ph perfectness of the AN nutes. Has any one used z7 or any other non AN ph perfect additives together with AN ph perfect line?

Im still somewhat confused about the whole bacterial aspect of hydroponics and it seems a lot of others are as well, although thats a topic for a different thread.

Thanks for the input PoppaEvil. Heres an updated pic, not looking so goo but its only been a few days since the last pic.
Half of the lower set of leaves are actually quite yellow but its not showing in the pics.
WW BL ~d22.jpg


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They seem to have recovered, thank god. I guess White Widow is a hardy strain for the seedlings to have survived root rot, then way to strong h2o2.
WW FR ~d30.jpg

All is not well though, there's brown gunk all over the inside of the res. Not sure if it's something to do with the rot (wasn't present during the rot it happened after), or a separate issue. Ill start a new thread about this.
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