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Seedlings 1st: Black Cherry Punch, Laniakea, Lemon Thai Kush


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4 seeds got dropped last night.

I picked the Black Lime Bubba which is the Aficionado's Black Lime Special Reserve crossed with the Pre 98' Bubba. Really not sure why I went with this one out of the sampler pack...it just kinda happened.

The second one I chose to go with was the OGKB v2.1 cross I got as a freebie from the IHG half pack deal. They were only 2 fems....and now under water. That OG Kush Breath is crossed with (Gelato 33 x Slurricane #7) and should be a frost show.




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With the Cats I was a bit all over the place. The first one was 15ml, but after the curl I went down to 10ml.....but I gave the BCP a 10ml....then 15ml just now. Nothing consistent at this point.
I did about 12.5 so kind of in the middle, I also led up to them with a 10ml tp W/tea, a 15ml tp w/tea. I'll aim for 15ml next CAT. I've been going kind of heavier and less timid on feedings with the extra light all seems to be working really well. we'll see in about 5-6 weeks :19: :headbanger: :48: Loving the looks of that BCP!


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Seedling. Looking fantastic! :yummy: :high-five:

Farmer, 15ml per gal of water on the cats will not kill them but why not go easy on it, say 10 or 12? That stuff is strong. Thinking out load, I wonder if anyone has experimented with light cats...? Say 5ml per gal of water.

I gave them a 12 ML last night I might stick with that again for the second round I'll see what they look like tonight at lights on, as of last night I didn't see any curling. I'd be open to a light CAT of maybe 5-7 ML. I'm running 6 strains in 7's for a flavor and tester run in 2 weeks so I'll have more control over individual plants as each plant will have their own 1 gallon jug. I just may play around with Cats. I can say this I gave them to these ladies at day 28 and they were frosty as hell with out the cats
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