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Seedlings are dying

Viva La Vega

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Both of my ~1week old seedlings are dying. This is my first growing attempt so I wasn't expecting for them to make it very long. Each plant is under (1) 23w 6500k CFL lamp. From what I've researched it looks like a watering issue. I would like to know what exactly went wrong for future grows. Have a look for yourself.



Appreciate it :peace:


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Re: Seedlings are dying..

yes it should be nice and high , what you can do is get a glass big enough to go over the seedling and mist the in side of the glass with a water sprayer , lift the glass to let some air in or wedge something under it to hold it up just a little so its not air tight

Try that for a while , then you can get empty clear plastic bottles ( drink bottles ect ) cut them in half and use them , just mist the little dome you made for a bit , has your soil got nutes , they are too young to feed

plus get a ph pen ,


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looks like it could be over watering? I never put mine under anything when seeding, apart from a 25w cfl, and water once a week with earth juice leaf :Namaste:


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Can you fill all this information in so we have it all in one place? It will help us help you easier. Thanks!

What Strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
How Many Plants?
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?
If in Vegetative Stage... How Long?
If in Flowering Stage... How Long?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
If Hydro, Reservoir size?
If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature?
If Hydro, what type of Medium?
If Hydro, what type of Setup?
If Soil... What is in your Mix?
If Soil... What Size Pot?
Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many?
Distance of Light From Canopy?
Is it Air Cooled?
Temperature of Room/Cabinet?
RH of Room/Cabinet?
PH of Medium or Reservoir?
Any Pests?
How Often are you Watering?
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used?
Size or Square Footage of Room?

This information is necessary for accurate support to be given.
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