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Seedlings Have Turned Yellow


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I have seedlings 10 days into germination that some leaves and parts of others have turned yellow. Soil used is Fox Farm Ocean Forest, PH is ok with water. Have not given any nukes yet. Could the problem stem from the fact that I put the seedlings under a 400w metal halide Hortilux bulb within 6 days of germinated seedlings came up from the soil? Can a too intense of a light cause this for seedlings too young?
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They are about 22 inches away from the light. Light is air cooled with safety glass. Overwatering a little a time or two shouldn't have caused this?
Thanks for your help!

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What happens is that the light intensity forces growth before the seedling can cope-it does not have a root system as yet to supply nutrition.. You have to subtley foliar feed with a half strength fish or veg fert, with some tea tea at half strength. This will help.
Next time, have your lights 12" higher until you see good new veg, then drop your light. The high light intensity is good, but you have to manage the seedling a little to get optimum results.
I start my seedlings off under a 1000W MH. and have my light 3' above the seedlings for the first couple or three days.
Hope that helps a bit.


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sounds like too much water , not enough air to the roots combination. Foliar feeding and less water should solve the problem.


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Thank you everyone for your opinions on this issue. I am adding a few pictures displaying the seedlings. I have also since discovered the PH test strips I had been using were outdated and the water may have been too alkaline.



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This is what happened to me with my current grow. I put the seeds straight into ocean forrest and the soil has too many nutrients already for the seedling, giving it nute burn. You can see it in my white russian grow journal, the first couple of pages. The burn looks just like yours. Dont give any nutes at all or it will just burn your plants more...i had to transplant my plants out of the ocean forrest soil into a different soil with no nutes added to get any good green growth.
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