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Seedlings with too long of a stem

Lady K

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My seedlings have stems about 6" long and not standing tall they're in 2" of soil inside. Should I repot in a deeper pot and coverup part of the stem so they are straight or should I stake them? Thanks for the advice. It is still too early to plant in the outside garden. :cool027::439:


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yea, drop the lights, and repot the seedling into a deeper pot so that the bottom leaves are just above the soil. You can use a LITTLE clone gel to rub on the stem before burrying it to stimulate root growth out of the stem, but apply it very very lightly. ;)

They should root all the way up that way, and be happy after a week or 2.

good luck girl and guy. !


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Hey blonde did you ever figure it out? Im running dwc and rockwool as well and my stems are kinda long from before i put them in the system i was using the wrong lights warm cfls now im using cool white and it is growing fine now growing its 3rd node but the stems are long
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