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Seeds- Floaters vs Sinkers? How to tell sex? and more questions


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Okay so I got some seeds I germinated.. There's 5 or 6 of them. I tried using the paper towel and 2 plate method for germinating at first but didn't have much luck and was sick of wetting the paper towel over and over so I just dropped them in a water bottle with the lid off and put them in a closet.. I noticed when I checked on them not long later and they had some tails coming out but I noticed 2 of them sunk to the bottom of the bottle and the rest were floating.. Is there any difference between the floating ones and the ones that sunk?

Is there any way of telling the sex of seeds that were just picked out of some bud? When I buy seeds from the store or the seed bank they know the ones they are giving me are all female. How do they tell?

Now a little random off topic question I had is because I can only plant 4 plants in the system I am using now. If I cut some clones would I be able to root 2-4 clones in 1 rockwool cube and just treat it as if it was 1 plant? Or is that just being to greedy? I thought about doing this before and didn't see what the problem would be but I never ended up trying it.


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There's no way of telling sex with seeds unless u have bought feminised ones, and with the floaters u should be able to push them to the bottom after half a day to a day, don't leave them in the water for more than two days I was told then transplant carefully onto some wet paper towel folded up till the tail is about half inch...then u can transplant to ure growing medium.....and always transplant to a medium u are going to use thru out the grow.


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To answer your 2nd question, they know when they are feminized, cause they feminized them :) Otherwise, it's 50/50 basic split :bong:
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