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Seeds not sprouting


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I am a first time grower-I started with 15 seeds. All but 4 germinated (with the paper towel method). I planted the seedlings (?), in seedling soil, and in a mini greenhouse (heating pad, with a clear cover and little seed pods).
The seeds entered the mini greenhouse 2 weeks ago...and nothing has happened. Two have sort of broken through the soil-but then no further growing, and nothing from the rest of them.
I bought auto flower, fem seeds (of 3 different strains).
Should I start again? What did I do wrong? I don't want to make the same mistake again-and I honestly have no idea what I am doing


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It sounds like you got 11 of the seeds to sprout in the paper towel. So far so good.

Then you put them (the little seedlings) in soil and then the pots into the mine greenhouse (a tray with a clear cover, right)?

After waiting 2 weeks nothing has changed except that 2 sort of poked up through the soil.?

At this point it sounds like you planted the seedlings to deep in the soil mix. Or, maybe leaving them in the wet paper towel to long before putting them in the soil.

I have not used the paper towel method for germinating in years and back then it was only to tell me if the seeds I had were still viable and to get an idea of the percentage of them that were still good.

Now a days, I just make a small hole, about a 1/4 inch deep with a pencil point. Then I put the seed in and just barely push some of the soil mix over. The recommendation for the majority of seed planting is to put them in a hole that is about 4 times the diameter of the seed. No more paper towel mess.

Maybe someone has the link to the thread about sprouting seeds that was around about a week ago. Many different methods were discussed including the paper towel and the direct planting methods.

Have a good day.


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Take one of the seeds out of the soil gently and see what's up.

Could be a lot of things.

I sprout seeds in a mix of water and peroxide

9:1 ratio of water to h2o2.

When the tails show I use clean tweezers and put them tail down in soil or peat pellets very shallow. Just barely cover.

Paper towels are made with a lot of chemicals some are treated with perfumes and anti microbials. These are not good for seedlings.

Also tap water isn't
That great either and likely where your problem with germination is coming from. Try filtered or distilled water to use for germination.


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I just barely covered them in soil-so they are not deep at all, and they still have their little root (when I check on them).
I could have left them on paper towel too long, and I have been watering them with well water....
Time to start over! With distilled water (and no paper towel!!)
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