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Seeds of Africa?


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Yes, I got three seeds. All germinated, but two seedlings died due to heat outside.
The one left is this Malawi Gold


Happy growing :cheer:


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Don't take this ratio for granted, cause these seeds are sourced from Africa literally, so germination might be tricky with larger amounts of seeds... but yeah, I'm usually good with seeds :) Go for pure sativas! Otherwise you'll never know what old heads refer to when talking about old school.


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FYI, I am currently growing Dutch Passion Durban Poison , a landrace sativa, from seeds purchased from bonzaseeds.com. I have placed 3 orders with Bonza in the last 3 months, with 100% delivery from NE, and with 95% germination on ~20 seeds of many strains from them. I give Bonza 5 stars, and Durban is very tall strain, lending itself to extensive training after the 3rd internode to minimize stretching in flowering stage and enabling SOG or SCROG.
Sorry, no experience with SOA, even though I focus on refining landraces, both South Africa and Hindu.
You might also check out Barneys Farm Dr. Grinspoon.
Best of luck on your adventure!


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I'm also growing Dutch Passion's 100% sativa Durban Poison, bred for short season, purchased from Herbie's. I got 100% germination on ten seeds, and the plants are very robust and fast-growing. At the rate they're growing I'll have to tie them down to keep them stealthy.
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