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seeds with no flowers

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I have one that I've not seen before- my three month old blubonic mother grown from seed has been a mutant from the get go, one finger leaves, multiple main stalks and some twisted leaves in the beginning. She has leveled out end now is producing three fingered leaves that are huge. Yesterday I noticed some knob looking growths on the nodes where the leaf meets the stalk, reached down to feel and felt something hard. It was a mature seed. There have been no flowers anywhere in the room(all mothers and clones) and the knob thing was just a shell like a pea in a pod, no flower parts at all. I planted the seed out of curiosity and am watching the other pods to see if they produce seeds. My question is this: can a plant produce seeds without flowers like this? Seems like a hermie that skipped the flower part, evolution moving right along...
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sure, the pics are of a clone that had been greening, not the Mother (she looks the same except much larger and crazier). The actual seed came from the clone, but I have been told the mom has the same pods. Note that each one has two hairs. I closely looked at them again and they are all identical.
It may be a sterile seed. I could be the balls of a boy ... or hermie.
It can not be fertile unless there was a mature male nearby.

Maybe you heard about the only time in history there was Immaculate Conception - it was in all the papers. It was about 2000 years ago, give or take.

~ Auggie ~
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Auggie, funny that the first thing I said when I saw it was "Immaculate Conception"- we got a laugh out of that. As for the male nearby, the plant was never outside until the day I took the picture, and was in a room full of females. I even went so far as to closely check every plant in the room to be sure there were no balls anywhere. It has been a few days since I planted the seed and there is no sprouting. Cheers
I've seens pics of people who regrown their plants after harvest. they had the odd single leaf growth like you discribe. as far as the seed showing up pollin drifting in the wind can travel a long ways and if it's just 1 bean I suspect that what happened. I wouldn't rule out Immaculate Conception it happens a lot more often then most peope think a lot of lower animals like fish and reptiles, I can think of a species of gecko that is all female. This aso bring up the question if a hermi fertilizes themself is it "Immaculate Conception"?
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well, we were stuck on this one- since there is no way to be sure that there is no 'maleness' involved I decided that none of the clones could be trusted to be in a flowering room full of rowdy females- So, since we don't have room for more houseplants or mothers that have babies that can't be trusted we said goodbye to that family. Sad, since we really wanted to get a blubonic strain going. The blubonic seeds from SOL had one out of ten come up and it was a freak. No one else carries it, guess we move on. I agree about the Immaculate
Conception, it happens and maybe we just saw it...
Yea, I had a Blue Dream mom do that to me too.

I used her anyway - her babies had regular leaves. Made lots of flowers and tasted great.


~ Auggie ~