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I've been growing for about a year, working from some clones given to me until lately....I put in four Swiss Cheezes (from from clones I did from fem seeds)....they got pretty bushy in a closet....anyway, today I was harvesting and I found seeds!!!! I don't know how it happened, did I get a light leak?

Man, I aint gonna toss it....how will the quality be effected?????



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Re: Seeds!!!!!!!!


well, it mostly depends on WHEN they "switched" and how many seeds, which woulddgive a good indicator as to when, I think. I may be wrong, but from my reading and experience, that is the case.

A few seeds imo, don't really effect overall quality, and any patient will love finding the rare seed that they may find. (unless of course it is a poor mans shwag bag,with hella seeds)

It sux when yer girls go herm, but to put a positive spin on it, you have seed stock. While the chance for those seeds to herm may be higher, you know what you did wrong, and you can correct it?

I personally recently found 2 NYC Diesel seeds, and you can bet they will find their way into my garden soon. :)

hope that helps
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