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Seedsman Sponsored Grow: Peyote Wi-Fi By Beez


Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
Those of you that know me are aware of the fact that I love seeds from Seedsman Seeds one of our fantastic 420 Magazine Sponsors. The seed selection on the @SeedsMan site is vast and incredibly diverse. There are approximately 135 different breeders offering their seeds for sale all on the Seedman site. My personal experience with Seedsman has been nothing short of incredible. The shipping from overseas has been consistent taking around 2 weeks to arrive. Although I've looked at a lot of the different breeders seeds, to date I have only purchased Seedsman's house strains, their own bred seeds. I have never been disappointed with the germination rate or the overall quality of the plants grown from Seedsman seeds. I mention Seedsman from time to time here on the 420 site when people are asking about good places to purchase seeds. I highly recommend them.

A couple weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive a PM from Seedsman asking me if I would be interested in doing a Sponsored grow for them with their new Peyote Wi-Fi strain/seeds. I pulled up their site and checked out the Peyote Wi-Fi strain and said HECK YEAH I'll do a sponsored grow. So I sent a reply saying I would love to try out their Peyote Wi-Fi seeds and do a sponsored grow.

Fast forward to today when I had a package in the mail from Seedsman. When I opened it up I was tickled to see not only the Peyote Wi-Fi seeds, but also a pack of Peyote Gorilla, Black Sugar, and a package of Auto Gelato. Included was a note saying "no sense just mailing one pack of seeds"

So that's where I am. I will be holding off for about 2 weeks to drop a Peyote Wi-Fi seed. Seedsman said that due to the popularity of this new strain they were sold out and should be getting more in stock shortly.

Anyone sitting on some of these Peyote Wi-Fi seeds that would like to join in this sponsored grow you're very welcome to do so. My next update will include all I know about the strain. I will also share how I plan to grow it...….medium, lighting etc. I hope a bunch of you guys will follow along and offer tips and advice where you see fit.
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Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
Peyote Wi-Fi by Seedsman

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information available about Peyote Wi-Fi that I am able to find. But here's what I know so far.

The Peyote part of the cross is Peyote Purple. Little is known about this strain other then it's only known parent is Bubba Kush. It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. I found on one site other information about the Peyote Purple. This is just information I found and whether it's true or not is anyone's guess.
Breeder: Cannabiogen. Genetics: Peyote Purple cannabis strain comes from a cross between OG Kush, West Coast Dawg, and Old World Kush cannabis strains. So somewhat of a mystery strain? Maybe someone like @Pennywise can shed some light on the genetics involved?

The other half of this extremely potent Indica Dominant strain is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Hybrid. It is a cross of White Fire OG aka WiFi OG X White Rhino. Known for a lemony peppery aroma.

In their wisdom Seedsman decided to cross these two powerhouse strains together and created Peyote Wi-Fi. It is a very potent Indica dominant strain with the THC in the range of 20% to 26% and CBD below 1%. The scent is sour, lemon and diesel while the taste of the buds is rather earthy with diesel fuel notes. THC production is extremely high at between 20 - 26% while CBD levels remain below 1%. It is a highly potent strain and one which will lend itself well to physical relaxation. High resin production makes this a very good strain from which to make cannabis extracts and concentrates.

Seedsman states that when grown indoors it is recommended to give these plants a vegetative growth period of between 15 - 25 days before switching to a 12/12 lighting schedule to induce flowering which takes a further 75 days. I am thinking perhaps this is because of the potential of the plant getting quite tall in flowering? I may have to start two plants and veg one for 25 days and the second one closer to my typical 45 days of vegging and see the difference.


Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
Getting close now to seed drop day. I'm thinking 10/20 is looking good to get things started. Here is the skinny on the grow:

Strain Name: Peyote Wi-Fi feminized seeds from @SeedsMan

Grow Medium: Homemade Organic soil comprised of Lobster Compost, ProMix BX, Earth Worm Castings <-----equal parts of these three items. I then add perlite (medium size) to taste. I just add it till it looks right to me. I prefer a quicker draining soil and feel more perlite allows for more oxygen in the soil for the roots. This will be my first grow adding Clackamas Coots nutrients and minerals to my soil along with finely ground malted barley.

About half way through vegging I will give the girls a treat with a top dressing of finely ground dried rabbit droppings, kelp meal, earthworm castings, and malted barley. They will receive this treat about about halfway through flowering.

The seeds (2) will be germinated in hempy (perlite) solo cups and four days after sprouting will be transplanted into 3/4 gallon pots.

I will graduate the pot sizes from 3/4 gallon to 2 gallon, to 4 gallon, and finally into 7 gallon pots where they will flower.

Lighting is two 260 watt QB lights in the flowering tent. In Veg they will sit under a 450 watt Viparspectra blurple light.

In case anyone wanted to follow along see you in 9 days.


Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
My organic soil this go around interests me too. First time using the Clackamas Coots nutrients and minerals. I'm actually contemplating transplanting the seedlings from the perlite solo cups into solo cups with Promix BX. Let them establish a couple sets of permanent leaves and then transplant them into the organic soil. That extra time may be needed for them to mature enough to handle the soil. It might be just a little hot for seedlings only 4 days old.

I will be mixing up 15 gallons of soil today for these two plants for their final pots. This will give the soil more then enough time to fully cook and be ready to go.
Interested to see how these turn out, I thought about getting some when they where on offer with some good freebees but got swayed by some auto's.

Hopefully they will have a Halloween promo's / offers like last year, think I'll pick some up for next grow, was hoping to try some of the joint doctors and seedmans lowryder seeds out if they get more in stock too.


Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
Two days till kick-off! Today I'll be rinsing some fresh, clean, white perlite in which I'll germinate the two Peyote Wi-Fi seeds. Once they sprout I've decided to transplant them into solo cups with my homemade organic soil. Once they've established a nice root mass in the solo cups I'll move them into these new plastic pots I picked up at the Dollar store. They are approximately 1/3 gallon size and should be the perfect size for up-potting from the solo cups.


Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
It's time to get this show on the road so to speak. Those of you who know me well know that I germinate all my seeds in what is called a hempy solo cup. This is a red solo cup with a 1/2" to 3/4" hole burned into the side of it about 2" up from the bottom that is filled with perlite. Before I began germinating in solo cups …...Thanks @SweetSue …….I had I guess average success germinating seeds. I've found that my success rate has increased since using the hempy cups to the point that this is the only way I'll germinate seeds going forward. In this photo I have a piece of duct tape covering the 1/2" hole/opening in the cup. I'll explain why in a moment. Oh, and I cleaned my lucky perlite instead of using brand new perlite ;)

So what I do is take two tablespoons of kelp meal and run it in my coffee grinder till it's dust like in consistency. I mix that into 450ml of room temperature well water and let it set overnight. This morning I filled the two cups until the perlite just started to float. This was at about 6:30am and I let the perlite float in and absorb the kelp water until 9:30am.

While the perlite is soaking I selected the two @SeedsMan Peyote Wi-Fi seeds for this grow. Now in the past I would painstakingly look at all the seeds and pick what I felt were the very best ones. Well hell, I still do that! :laugh: So here are the two handpicked seeds for this grow. Now I'm starting two seeds and if both sprout I will grow them out together to a point. At some point one of them will show itself to be superior to the other. Between all of us I am hoping we can select the one to grow out for this sponsored grow. Here are the two little Seedsman gems I picked out and two beauties they are too!

After 3 hours of soaking time I pulled the duct tape off the solo cups to drain off the excess kelp water. I let them set for about 20 minutes and what I am left with is moist perlite above the reservoir. Moist enough to germinate the seeds but also think about how much oxygen is there to greet the tiny tap root when the seed splits open. I think this feature alone is why germinating seeds in perlite solo cups is so successful. In a paper towel the seed is enveloped in moisture but not a lot of oxygen. Now don't get me wrong, I germinated in paper towels for a long time and it worked pretty good a lot of the time. But now that I germinate in the hempy I have to wonder how many of the unsuccessful germinations in paper towels would have been a success in perlite?

Anyway, the seeds are in the perlite. If history repeats itself we should see some sprouts in about 3 days. As an FYI nothing was done to the seeds prior to placing them in the perlite holes.

I put domes on the cups to retain moisture and to help retain heat from the CFL bulbs. I'll keep the plants in my little homemade seedling/clone box during lights on 5am till 10pm at which time I'll move the cups onto a seedling heating pad overnight. I don't want them to get chilly during lights out.

If you have a seed or seeds you've been thinking about popping now would be a fantastic time to get them going. It is my sincere hope that this can be a learning opportunity for all of us. I am the first to admit I am not a seasoned grower and will have questions and run into snags from time to time. And I hope to have a bunch of seasoned growers join this thread to offer advice and tips to all of us who can use them.

Please feel free to share photos of your grow. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask. I want this to be both fun as well as educational. I learn something new every plant I grow.
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Thank you for the tutorial of hempy Solo cup germination. :5:

Let the fun begin. :slide: :green_heart:


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Let’s do it Beez! I’m here for the ride as well, right up in the front row!

I’ll be popping a Dark Devil auto as soon as I get home tonight to grow along with you. Can’t wait to see what you can do with the Peyote WiFi!
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