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Seeking CannaButter Help!


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I started 4 ozs. of herb and only 1 lb. of butter in my crock pot at 7:00 (CT) yesterday the 12th. I never even thought about amount because I usually only do a oz. Here it is at 17 hours with only one lb. of butter. I need to add three more lbs. of butter. If I do add more butter do I need to cook it longer? I usually cook for 22 - 23 hours with temps between 190f - 200f.
My method: is weed, butter and water in crock pot for 22 hours. At times when first starting a pot the temp may reach 210 but usually very briefly. I have used this pot for years and know it fairly well. I am still hunting for a pot that I can set the temp and walk away. Alas, I haven't found one that does not fluctuate.
I do put my weed in a 175 oven for 30 min, then turn oven off and let it sit another hour. Then I soak it in plain water over night.
My thoughts is that the extra butter will absorb the good stuff pretty quickly because of the
Any ideas on tweaking my system? I hate standing and stirring like we had to do back in the day.
Thank You, Big Red
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