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Seeking input from medical marijuana users in the Anchorage area


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Hi all, I'm a journalist based in DC and am now working for a Japanese television network. We're doing a story on marijuana legalization initiatives and are planning to send a crew up to Alaska later this week as part of the story. We're hoping to be able to chat with medical marijuana patients while we're there to hear their views about how the system may or may not be working out for them (most likely the latter based on what I've read so far, but you never know).

Would appreciate it if you could give me a shout via PM if you might be willing to spare a few minutes to chat with us! We'll be there Thursday the 23rd through Saturday the 25th.

Best wishes,


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Hi there, I'm not able to send PM's yet so I'll just reply here. My wife is a current card holder and she saw this post. She said she might be interested in speaking to guys so you'll have to get back to me! Hope you enjoy your time up here. Don't forget to pack a sweater :)

- greenvalley
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