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Seeking Suggestions RE Cheeba Chews for Back Pain


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I am hoping that non-psychoactive Cheeba Chews can help me sleep better at night, relieving back pain from a herniated disc condition.

To make a long story short, I took 10 MG last night and felt no effects as a result (though my wife says that it caused me to sweat more than I normally do). I am a 59-year-old male, 5'7", 175 pounds.

Does anyone here have any experience with using this type of Cheeba Chews for relieving back pain and, if so, could you share anything with me in terms of how much of a dosage was effective for you?

My wife says that her online research indicates that non-psychoactive CBD when taken for extended periods of time results in memory loss and personality changes (especially loss of patience).

I'm interested in learning whether there is general agreement about this or whether this represents a minority viewpoint.


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The problem with Cheeba Chews, is that even the "Pure CBD" product contains 2mg THC.

THC is a necessary cannabinoid and has Analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
It can also help the body rebuild in some cases.

Since you're not looking for any psychoactive effects, my suggestion would be to use Concentrated Cannabis Oil.


I know nothing about loss of memory from CBD use, and especially nothing about personality changes. I use high CBD strains daily, and have absolutely no problems with either issue. I have researched extensively, multiple ailments, uses, etc.. and have never read anything about that.
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