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Selecting next strain - Any advice?


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Hello, i had harvest my first grow with good results i believe, i´d grown two strains from "eva seeds" one indica and one sativa
Monster (Sativa)
Tnt Kush (Indica)
i had chosen these seeds basically cause they are cheap and it was my first grow and i supposed that a lot of mistakes was to be made.
Now, for my second grow i want something a little "better" maybe so i made a selection, so please anyone who has grown any of these strains give me your feedback!
(i want to grow one of each indica/sativa)
-Blueberry (Dutch Passion)
-White Widow (Green House, i readed that this was the best WW after Mr.nice Black widow)
-L.A Confidential (DNA Genetics)
-Northern Light (nirvana)
-Northern Light Blue (Delicious Seeds)
-Purple Bud (White Label)

-Chocolope (DNA genetics)
-S.A.G.E (Th Seeds)
-Euforia (Dutch Passion)
-Nebula (Delicious)
-Dutch Dragon (delicious)

(if you want to advise me other strain, basically i can get seeds from these brands:
Dutch Passion
DNA Genetics
Barney´s Farm
Green House (I got from them a Super Lemon Haze that im going to grow)
Nirvana (very few strains)
T.H Seeds (I got from them a Bubblegum that im going to grow)
Female Seeds
Serious Seeds
Sweet Seeds
Delicious Seeds)

Thank you!


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Thank you theable!
have you grown the white widow from green house? if not from which breeder?

C´mon people!!! help me! i want to hear more advises please!!


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i order bubblelice and many other stuff from Nirvana and you get 10 seeds free every order i have used them for 4 years and love them northing lights raspberry coofe master kush they have some sweet stuff even the sponsoring seed banks her on 420 have some sweet stuff did you check them out
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