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Self Medicating with Cannabis for Anger Issues


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for me it's a have to-my whole family is crazy and yes me to it's been passed down from at least as far as my grandparents--none of us talk about it but we all know each other is off their rocker-i think that most of my relatives enjoy it-or their on some man made happy meds -since younger i have smoked pot regularly because after trying it shortly after being arrested for being in a violent fight. after seeing how weed mellowed me out, brought my thinking around to just a little off the wall instead of outright crazy and that it mellowed my temper down tremendously as well, i knew that i had to stay high or i'd end up in prison for killing someone when my temper got away from me or in some mental institution wasting away on gutrot manmade happy pills--now that i'm older, i have held the same job for 23 years and actually have had a fairly good life-could say absolutly amazing life considering where i'd be if i hadn't smoked that 1st joint i realize that it also does wanders for my arthritis and general aches and pains, not to mention that it makes me WANT TO get out of bed instead of sleep allday--so as you can tell by some of my history if i hadn't remained high everyday of my life i would be in much much worse condition than i am now, so in my case even if weed gave me cancer(which im sure it wouldnt) myself and the world would still be better off today because of it
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Hello, Yep, i was like that also. I found out it was A.D.H.D. Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder. and it is heredity. It drives ya nutz. I am glad it works for you. I found help through the Amen clinic in Fairfield, CA. Dr. Amen has invented a brain scan that shows exactly where the problem is and can medicate precisely that way. They are the leading edge in ADHD medical field.

amen clinic fairfield
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He has written many books on the subject too.:reading420magazine:
Hope this info is helpful to you and others.


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Hey Jim,

Thanks for the information and the useful link. Looking forward for some more great links and information from your end.


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I'd like to test that theory on my wife. She takes pills, but they just don't work. It's miserable around here most days.


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i would hope that my friends life could become like wannabegreen, however his self medicating has become his life obsession with his "friends" telling him his "med" is not available just to watch him freak out ( which he does). no one can tolerate him without it not even his mom.


there some ppl that should self med but dont
also there are some that shouldnt but do

I know I am alot ezer to live with when I do
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