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Self topped

Jungle Joseph

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Baby seems to have topped itself. Going to grow it for a while and see what happens. Hopefully it's not a hermie.



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My mutant from WSE GG4 never topped thats just how she developed was going to bin her but she is doing ok now.
After alot of trimming here and there.Never had a main stem more like a clone that had been topped.


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Ye real strange you never know they might turn out to be the best thing we have ever grown.
Cool, makes it easier and faster to train them. Wish it was a genetic trait.


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I guess this is a pretty common thing... I got a self-topping seedling that has had a good vegetative phase, though hasn't yet gone into flower. Self-Topping Seedling: Genetic Mutation
I had a seedling last summer that self topped early, nowhere to grow, the top closed up with only single blades. It had to force growth through the cotyledons.

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