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Seniors First Grow Bag Seeds: 600W LED Grow Light, 6 Sq Ft Tent


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Day 1) got some good looking pumice. Rinsed well and added about 2 quarts to 5 gal grow bag, mixing with Happy Frog soil.

Picked up 1 fem seed at local dispensary. Casper's Candy 50/50. Should work well for pain. They said it was easy to grow.

Put in dark shot glass with dist water 72 degs. Will wait up to 18 hrs and check at 12.

Grow tent setup. Don't see any light leaks. Will check again after dark.



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no don. Once germed i planned to. I figured it would use what soil it needs. I guess i should have looked up indoor grow root depth.

Reviews said the 5 gal cloth bag ran small, so i got 5's instead of 3's. they are really stable.

Seed water was cold in tent with no light. I put the shot glass in the yellow glass with a plastic cover to warm it a bit under a 45w bulb. I checked it and it sank. From there I planned to put it in the dirt after it germs.

No good?

This pic germing the shot glass. Should work. The seed was TINY. not the usual size.


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no I didn't look for the seed, because I didn't want to disturb it further. I had already been in water for 18 hours and damp paper towel on seeding heat pad for about 10 hrs.

I scooped enough soil that it has to be in there on the paper towel soil. I'll see what happens. I forgot that my husband is the one that plants seeds in our winter cold frame.


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Thx for your optimism AB lol. We'll see if it comes up. I tried some of the dispensary weed that's supposed to be 50/50 A&S. I think they cancelled each other out if that's possible! This seed is supposed to be same ratio.

I.m shot glassing some bag seeds. Their strain is a helluva lot more therapeutic than what i got from dispensary.
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