Sensi Seeds Northern Lights


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What strain is it? Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Regulars

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Indica dom

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Flowering Stage

If in Flower stage... For how long?
Four Days OF 12/12 today

Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor, 1.2 x 2.2 x 2m Tent

Soil or Hydro?
hydro style, 100% coco with drippers

If soil... What size pot?
15L pots, roughly 4 gallon

Size of light?
3x 315watt LEC

Is it aircooled?

Temp of Room/cab?
20 - 25 degrees C

RH of Room/cab?
55 ish varies

PH of media or res?
5.9 right now

Any Pests ?
preventative fungas gnat treatments, none sighted this round

How often are you watering?
Once per day until good run off achieved

Type and strength of ferts used?
General hydro trio currently at 1.3ml/L grow, micro and bloom with 0.1g/L epsom salts EC 1.2

Hello again 420 Mag,

I have been growing out a 10 pack of sensi seeds northern lights and thought I would share with you all. I have been contributing over at my local forum but I am not digging the atmosphere there right now and I always feel like I am clogging up the place if I post to often where as here I can post daily and no one will mind :D

Alright so the story so far,
10 seeds went in, 9 came up, they broke the surface of the coco back on April 27th, one was smaller than the others but it did catch up in the end

here they go through the early stages,

Then on day 26 we potted them up into the final pots and topped them. I wish I didn't top them here and left them another week because it delayed showing sex and made it harder in the end to tell the males, something I am still not 100 percent sure on.

The plants then proceeded to power on, I weeded out the males as I found them and put one aside to breed with.

I still can't be 100 percent with two of the plants if they are male or female yet but they are just to big already so I netted them down over the weekend just gone and flipped to 12/12 on Sunday the 17th of June. One or two branches broke with the netting going in so I took some clones from them. I have three confirmed ladies and two that I still cant tell.

Here they are today, day 4 of 12/12 lighting

right side here, the back plants are the ones with hard to tell pre flowers

Left side, the confirmed female side :D

here is a picture of the clone dome full of cuts, I checked this morning and three have shown the first signs of roots so fingers crossed the others all do the same.

I can't get a decent pic of them but here is the best pic of the pre flowers I am puzzling over, I can't tell if they are boy or girl as they are all leafy and ambiguous. Won't have to wait much longer now though surely

Alright so now we are all up to date I will post here as often as I can with more updates as we progress. Any advice is much appreciated as always


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I had a look at my calendar and by my count is actually day 5 of 12/12 today and the last picture I uploaded was from yesterday, to many doobies I guess haha,

I switched the lights over on saturday 16th of June making Sunday the 17th of June the first day of 12/12, so including sunday today is day 5 of 12/12. Well that's how I am going call it anyway :D

I forgot to mention that last night just after lights out I went in and switched out the 4000k bulb that I had in the middle reflector for a 3200k bulb. You can see the colour difference in the pictures,

speaking of pictures,
group shot

left side

right side



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Hello again,

it is day 6 of 12/12 here, I have been busy tucking branches as they continue to grow. I feel like the stretch is starting and they have worked out its flower time as they have really grown over night. I am closer to determining the two mystery plants sex, I think one is male and one female but not gonna say definitive just yet. not much longer and everything will be revealed :D

today's picture

Cheers Everyone


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Just thought I would take a moment and talk about me and what I am doing and why.

So to start with I am an Australian white dude in my early thirties, I work for myself as a conservation contractor looking after bush care sites along the coast. I used to work for the man, I did a long stint in the mines as a driller even but in 2012 I kind of just woke up to the fact that I was working my life away and decided to go on my own and have been going ever since. I started smoking cannabis again around this time and started growing properly at the end of 2015. I use cannabis as an alternative to alcohol recreationally and also medicinally for pain relief from working a physical job and as a sleep aid. I feel it helps me regulate my mood and manage my anxiety also which I struggled with badly for many years.

Another thing about me is that I have always struggled with my weight, I have always succumb to the temptations of the western life style and carried far to much extra weight. Again in 2012 I started to make changes and joined a muay thai gym to get fit, I got down from 150 plus kilos to 100 kilos and felt great but I started to get inconsistent with the training and slack with the diet again and slowly crept up to 144 kilos by the end of 2016. In November 2016 I made a positive change again, committed to the training and changed my diet to completely plant based. I dropped the weight and feel fantastic, I now walk around at about 79 kilos. I have had two muay thai fights, I am yet to get the win but I feel like I am a winner just getting there. I am not completely vegan any more, just mostly vegan with some quality lean meat every so often. I feel like a new person these days, like I have reverse aged and at the same time become more confident with everything I do.

The next part of the story has happened this year, I have felt this year that I need to get more active in my community and get out to the 420 protest gatherings and be a part of normalising this plant. So my partner, whom I affectionately call piglet, and I have made a commitment to attend as many rallies and events as possible and we made an instagram account to document everything called Parti and Piglet, if you see a cartoon robot and piglet logo then you have found the right place :D

The other thing that has happened is my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. I have thankfully been able to spend time with her and make lots of medicated edibles to help with treatment and recovery from chemotherapy. I have attempted to up my grow game as a result to keep the supply of meds high. last round was a bit of a fizzle but enough to keep her going. She has had another surgery last week and is set for a final few months of chemotherapy according to the doctors so fingers crossed that is the last we see of that soon.

Well that's it from me until tomorrow, I hope you have a fantastic, positive, constructive day,

Growers love, Cheers


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Day 9 of 12/12 lighting today

I gave them a light defoliation yesterday as I felt it was getting to crowded and bushy. I think they look ok still, lots of leaves but not to many.

Canopy management continues and each day I am closer to deciding that the one on the right side top right corner is a male and culling it out. That will leave four females out of nine, so thats not to bad in the end, natures fifty percent :D

I spied some little roots on a cutting when I changed the water out of the clone dome yesterday. I will leave them all in the system a bit longer and then have a really good look at each one.

Have a great day, cheers


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Hello Everyone,

day 12 of 12/12 lighting and I will call this day 1 of actual flower as the females are throwing pistils :D

One more male is gone, the other mystery one remains mysterious. Interesting how they are showing so late.

The clones are making me unsure. I have never cloned before and I am not sure if I am on the right track. It is 13 days since taking cuttings. I have kept the water temps between 17 and 22 degrees C. I have been using plain water but swapped out to EC 0.3 nutrients at PH 5.8 yesterday.

here are some pics, the first one they look all sad and crowded, piglet has gone in and neatened them up since, trimmed some sad leaves and re organised them more. I will take another pic for next update. Then we have some roots showing so all is not lost.

I think I will leave the humidity dome off for a bit then have the vents open if i put it back on.

have a great day, cheers


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Whats up Partimus? Plants are looking good I agree with The Dirty if you have roots the hard part is over. I'll be over there lurking.
Looking good man, ill be sitting over in the corner if ya need me...

Re: your cuttings I'm no expert but if you have roots you are off to the races imo. I would have the lid off now as they are root feeding now and gtg.
My 2 cents.

hey guys,

cheers for stopping by and for the advice about the clones. I will get some more pics up over the coming days.


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How are the clones going man?

Hey The Dirty, sorry for the lack of updates. The clones are going well, I transplanted 17 in total and all of them now show new growth, some better than others. I also took another round of cuts just before stretch stopped and they have all rooted also so we have northern lights clones all over the place :D

I will get some pictures up for you over the coming days. I have been super busy working, it is planting season for the conservation industry so I have been flat out. The male has nearly dropped pollen and the ladies are stacking and have just started making resin. They are on day 25 of 12/12 now, I don't get any smell until I rub a resinous leaf, then it is an explosion of pine and mint, very tantalising.

So here where I live the local government has proposed to increase penalties for possession of under 25 grams of cannabis to $2000 or 2 years prison and the penalty for what I am doing up to 15 years jail or a $75000 fine. So I have already written to my local member expressing my concerns and we will both be attending a protest rally tomorrow at parliament house also.

I will be back with some pics next time I promise,



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79kg... You freaking legend.. well done man... Keep training mate. just getting in there is a massive win, now train to get the w...
You'll have to pm me if you come over vic for any rallies, we'll catch up/meet, lol...
Plants looking good man.. seen some nice sensi nl lately..
Sorry about your mum, hope it all comes good mate...
Good to see you man...


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79kg... You freaking legend.. well done man... Keep training mate. just getting in there is a massive win, now train to get the w...
You'll have to pm me if you come over vic for any rallies, we'll catch up/meet, lol...
Plants looking good man.. seen some nice sensi nl lately..
Sorry about your mum, hope it all comes good mate...
Good to see you man...

Hey Grizz!! good to see you to mate, glad you are still around and when we get over east I will be sure to drop you a line :D

Alright time for a proper update,
It is day 27 of 12/12 lighting here and the girls are starting to produce resin. No real smell until you rub a leaf with trichs on it then smell your fingers, then there is that pine forest smell. It is like a pine tree air freshener with a hint of mints. It makes me all excited already haha.

there was a little bit of late strecth on my NL#5 and one branch is a little close to the light than I would like but all others are ok so a lot better than last time and I am armed with more knowledge for next round.

here are some group pics

No a close up of NL#5 the most resinous so far

and NL#4 the one that is stacking the most so far

The clones are going along alright and all bar one have good new growth, some have doubled in size or more.

Lastly I have made some new like minded friends recently and have been getting an education in oils. I was gifted this sample in excange for some of my green poison flowers. It has a nice earlthy flavour with a fruityness in the after taste. If only I could remember what strain it was lol

I have been enjoying some this morning :D

Cheers, I hope you have a great day


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Hey everyone,
sorry for the time between updates it has been rather busy here. I have been working in the field a lot tree planting this time of year and training hard still and managing injuries so not a lot of time for updates.

alright so the clone area is all organised and tidy. These girls will get all the love they need from now on.

The flower area has been a lot more hectic with the plants getting to close to the lights once more and starting to burn, foxtail and get yellow bud leaf tips from light intensity.

here is the situation that was, a mess as you can see

So in previous times when it was just about keeping me supplied with smoko I would have said, stuff it, leave it till next round I can't be bothered fixing it. Well it's not just about me any more because my mum needs meds, the chemo is hitting her really hard and she has a long while of if to go yet so it has been time to lift or in this case lower, our game.

here is the result and I took the pics through some sunglasses this time so it is a little more natural.

We lowered the tables to th eground and use a wet vac for runoff now, works a dream and I have a good feeling of accomplishment knowing that I have done my best and not just been a lazy grower.

I also chucked some pollen maybe 7 days ago and the bits I hit, the pistils are browning, calyx's are swelling and they don't seem to be fattening as much as other parts of the plant that are still searching for pollen. So in my mind early signs are good. lets hope I can bring it home over the next 3 to 5 weeks.

Cheers everyone
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