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Sensi Star Clone Outdoors


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Hey Ya'll, Smoke2Js here with another Journal. I have a Sensi Star clone that I picked up at BPG. I have a few picks of her. I veged her indoors on 24 hour Cfls I used Both veg and flower spectrum lights. I decided to move her outdoors a day ago. I live right on the 38th parallel. I am expecting a bumper crop. here are some picks from the previos days and a few from today.


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i'm in, SMOKE2Js. i live at 33* n. & cannot believe i'm not growing outside. i've got plenty of room outside w/an abundant water supply. what was i thinking? i think i'll try some auto-flowers.


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Those are lookin great man, really green and lovin that sunshine. nice job on the lst too! keep it up. check out my grow journal i got goin too happy growin bro


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Hey Smoke2Js your Girls are lookin good has your sensi star kicked back into veg i put some vanilla kush out to early and they started throwin hairs i shore wish they would go back to veg :peace2::popcorn:


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she's lookin pretty damn good to me bro and all those tops comin in too. Nice fence by the way, you got a lot of wild animals? haha
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