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Sensitive issue thet need an a advised...


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today is 10 day seens they go uot from the seed.
they in rockweal.
4 skunk female .
i give them in the first week water balanced with litle rootbaster.
after the first week i change the fertilization like in the table ( blom,micro,grow) according to amount .
they in biodom in the closet 24% and 40 rise . its pleasant ther .
i dont turn on the lite yet.
my question is whay they are to dainty and folding?
they jast show 2 litle first sign (like tongue ) and today i see litle litle anter litle litle 2 new set of leaf?
and when i need to open the lite i heve 250mh and additional 50w blue fluorescent light ?
i jast donet remmber all this ples remind me...
i whant it will be good .
i pot below them samthing thet support them (i stick to them)



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They need light and now! that is why I think you are saying they are streching and falling over. Also go easy on nutes for the start and then start slowly adding and building to full strength. otherwise you sound like as far as I know to be on the right track. good luck! -GG
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i open the lite now .
but i need to use the 250mh or with the 50w blue fluorescent light ?
or start with the 50w blue fluorescent light and then move to 250mh?
the look to me dainty,and its not my first time...
and all the time i start with the 250mh ,i think when i see the 4th floor
what you say?
or to tike the risk thet samthing will happen to them?
i heve all the equipment to a good closet .
and i dont overdo with the fertilization (like in the table)
tel me your opinion......:hmmmm:
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i dont understand this one....

whay like this :hmmmm:
all 4 of them die to me this morning i see them they was thiney and folded and it looks the end of ther life .
briefly: its the 10 day from they whent out from the seed.
they show jast 1 set of not leaf . tongue of a lock (i think ...)
and i move them to the sistem.
in the morning i see .........:63:
whay like this .
what i do rong?
maybe i need to pot them in the sistem jast when they show 2.3.4 set of leaf and in this time they litle be stronger? this is the problem?
in the ather grow i thinki dont remember if i pot them in this stage or i wait
help me.....:robgriffin::hmmmm:
i now thet the first month is sensitive antel they being stronger.
i look at my jornel and i see a good pic whay its not like this in this time
yo yo yo yo :hmmmm:


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Re: i dont understand this one....

so you suggest me to wait with them.
to me they look sensitive .
i start new one ,this time i wait with them thil i see 2-3 floor then i move them to the system.
but in the last time they groe wonderful .
maybe its connection to the way i start to grow them ,in tissue paper then i move them to a rockwall hmmmmm?
in the last time i start immediately in rockwall....
and for youer q,ya i move tham from biodoom in anther place without light (250mh,area system)............everything possible.....
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