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Sentence Reduced: 'Medical Marijuana' Tourist

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An American tourist who was jailed last month for marijuana possession had her initial 30 day sentence reduced after an appeal in the Supreme Court, and has returned to the United States.

Last month Edith Norton Lord Wolff, a 59-year-old California woman, was fined $3,000 and sentenced to thirty days in prison for importing approximately 35 grams of cannabis.

The marijuana was found during a Customs search after she had landed in Bermuda on 17th May 2011.

During her first court appearance her lawyer Marc Pettingill pointed out that the marijuana had been prescribed to her by a medical doctor in California for treatment of Menieres Disease.

At the time, Mr Pettingill provided the Court with a faxed copy of the prescription and pointed out that the defendant had never denied possession and was completely cooperative.

Speaking after the sentence was reduced lawyer Marc Pettingill said, "We took the position that the fact that this lady had possession of cannabis which was legally prescribed to her in the state of California for the treatment of a specific condition was at least mitigation against a non custodial sentence."

"Her initial sentence of 30 days incarceration was appealed and she was given bail and stayed on Island until Friday when the Appeal was heard in the Supreme Court and allowed on the basis of time spent imprisoned at the Co-Ed for one day. We were pleased with the out come and she has returned to California."

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