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September 1, 2007 - 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

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420 Magazine Newsletter
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September 1, 2007

California Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

Heated Prescription Pot Users To Prosecute County
Medical Marijuana users said they will sue the county over the closure of local pot shops. They’re angry because Sheriff Donny Youngblood, with the blessing of Board of Supervisors, has stopped issuing permits for the medical pot clinics. State law allows the clinics’ operation, but federal law does not. After a series of federal raids by the Drug Enforcement Agency this month alone, all six local clinics closed.

Kern Supervisors Search For Ways To Regulate MMJ
Kern County Supervisors will again struggle with the legal tangle over medical marijuana. Next week the board will review legal analysis from the County Counsel's office. Just one year ago, Kern County enacted regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries -- and Eyewitness News has investigated how the ordinance worked. Now the county has to revisit the issue after all the medical marijuana dispensaries closed, either because of raids by federal agents or voluntarily.

Police Double Talk
When federal agents busted down doors raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles in July, Los Angeles Police Department officers were their comrades in arms. The department's assistance in the raids infuriated some City Council members, who chastised them Wednesday for cooperating with the Drug Enforcement Agency and for enforcing federal drug laws that are in conflict with California's medical-marijuana law - and the will of the public.

Cannabis Minister Craig X Rubin Gives American Churches Warning After Conviction
“I don’t feel one ounce of remorse for the crime I am about to go to jail for. In fact, I continued to commit my supposed crime for 9 months after my arrest and no person’s health or safety in the State of California was compromised. My only crime is wanting to reach people of my community, stoners (the 420 Nation) with the Word of God.

Legislators Consider Hemp Legalization, Again
State legislators are expected to consider a measure this week that would allow hemp to be grown in California, rekindling the debate over whether such a move would increase cultivation of illegal marijuana and conflict with federal laws regulating the drug.

Medical Marijuana Gains New Foe
A newly formed organization opposed to medical- marijuana dispensaries is urging local governments to prohibit the businesses. The Inland Valley Drug Free Community Coalition fears dispensaries will attract crime and increase illicit marijuana use by people who do not need the drug for medical reasons. "It will bring criminal activity, blight," said Brenda Chabot, the Rancho Cucamonga-based group's executive director. "Political leaders should have enough courage to say they don't want these in their communities."

Medical Marijuana Patients Argue For Right To Unlawfully Seized Property
After more than two years, Garden Grove patient Felix Kha may finally see the return of his wrongfully confiscated 8 grams of medical marijuana. California's Fourth Appellate District in Santa Ana will hear oral arguments in a case that has drawn the attention of the State Attorney General and the California Police Chiefs Association.

Colma Pot Clubs Killed By Council
Medical marijuana dispensaries are now banned from this town. While no one has applied to open up shop, the Colma City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Wednesday night to prohibit any establishments that would sell medical marijuana.

Court Considers Medical Marijuana Seizures
Garden Grove police are appealing a judge's decision to return the drug to a patient. A Huntington Beach man wants the appeals court to ask police to return his marijuana. If police officers seize marijuana legally kept by a medical marijuana patient, should they have to give the property back?

San Mateo Raid Shuts Down Medical Marijuana Outlets
In the largest Bay Area raid of medical marijuana dispensaries in nearly a year, federal agents stormed three medical cannabis outlets in downtown San Mateo Wednesday afternoon and shut them down.

Laguna Hills Introduces Medical Marijuana Ban
The city of Laguna Hills is moving to make permanent a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Worldwide Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

New Marijuana Law Could Save Texas Taxpayers Millions - If Authorities Use It
A new law taking effect Sept. 1 could save Texas taxpayers millions of dollars by allowing police officers to cite individuals found in possession of four ounces or less of marijuana, rather than go through the time-consuming arrest and booking procedure (often involving a night or more in jail) that costs approximately $2,000 per arrest.
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The Pot-Pushing "Terrorists" Under Your Bed
Well, what's old is new again. Faced with mounting public criticism over the Justice Department's decision to shutter several locally authorized California medical marijuana dispensaries, Drug Czar John Walters recently traveled to Northern California to oversee police efforts to eradicate clandestine marijuana crops growing on public lands, and to label California's pot farmers as "terrorists."
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Nipping It In The Bud
Trudging through the rain, dressed in military fatigues and thick black boots, an eight-man task force filed through a large cornfield Wednesday morning, stalking a notorious and elusive culprit known to be hiding out in the area. What they were hunting was alive, but they knew it wouldn't run from them. It was marijuana.
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Police Often Lack Basic Knowledge About Marijuana
Every year at this time, police around the country start excitedly notifying local papers that they're getting better and better at finding pot in the woods. It's a tiresome ritual, but reporters just love it, and it would never occur to them that the police sometimes don’t have a clue what they're talking about
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Telltale Isotopes In Marijuana Are Nature’s Tracking Devices
With financing from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Dr. West, 34, is creating a model that can identify the geographic origin of cannabis plants based on certain chemical calling cards. The agency hopes to use the research to help decide where to concentrate its resources.
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Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars
A coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to solve the current state budget crisis. The group, calling itself Let Us Pay Taxes
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Medical Marijuana News - Updated Daily!

Governor To Battle With Feds Over Marijuana Law
A battle is brewing in Santa Fe over medical marijuana. An angry Governor Richards wants the feds to leave sick New Mexicans alone and let them grow their pot. But a Santa Fe County Commissioner is speaking out, saying he's going to fight to get rid of the medical marijuana law.
Governor To Battle With Feds Over Marijuana Law

Friends Rally For Sick Man Charged With Pot Possession
Pro-medical-marijuana advocates rallied Monday for a Thornton man who has AIDS and Hepatitis B, but didn't register with the state to grow the pot he says keeps him alive. Jack Branson, 39, faces up to 12 years in prison, charged with cultivating and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute.
Friends Rally For Sick Man Charged With Pot Possession

Rx Wars
"Patients are under attack," argued Nathan Sands, a patients-rights advocate at Compassionate Coalition who’s fed up with the feds going after medicinal-marijuana users in California. “There’s a lot of collusion between state and federal governments. States have no more power,” and as a result patients with multiple sclerosis, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and arthritis are being arrested.
Rx Wars

Our Government's Marijuana Monopoly
Our federal government has a monopoly on the supply of marijuana for research or any other purpose. This is very unique, private sources of all other drugs are available to researchers. It is down right sinister, a crime against humanity, for the medicinal uses of cannabis to be suppressed.
OPINION: Our Government's Marijuana Monopoly

Germany Permits Medical Marijuana
A German woman with multiple sclerosis is the first person in her country to be allowed to legally buy pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to ease her symptoms.
Germany Permits Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana May Go On Ohio Ballot
A statewide issue to legalize medical marijuana is headed for the ballot in Michigan next year -- and could swing south to Ohio shortly thereafter.
Medical Marijuana May Go On Ohio Ballot

Governor Bill Richardson Urges Bush Administration To End Heartless MMJ Policy
Governor Bill Richardson today sent a letter to President Bush urging him to end the misguided priority the Office of National Drug Control Policy has placed on threatening the prosecution of state workers for providing and patients for receiving medical marijuana relief.
Governor Bill Richardson Urges Bush Administration To End Heartless MMJ Policy

Industrial Hemp News - Updated Daily!

'Green' Racing Cars On Show
Two environmentally friendly racing cars which can reach high speeds without costing the Earth have gone on display at the Science Museum. One of them was created from 95% biodegradable and recyclable materials, including tyres made out of potatoes, brake pads from cashew nut shells and a shell made of hemp.

Hemp Is Hip, Hot And Happening
American farmers are prohibited by law from growing a low-input, sustainable crop common in Europe and Canada with tremendous economic potential: industrial hemp. Hemp cannot be commercially grown in the United States because it is erroneously confounded with marijuana.

High Hopes For Hemp
Dave Monson is not a druggie. He’s a mild-mannered farmer with three grown boys and a seat in the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. But in June, Monson and another farmer took the nation’s top drug authority to court with the hope of winning the right to grow cannabis.

Government Wants Hemp Lawsuit Thrown Out
The Justice Department is asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by two North Dakota farmers who applied to the Drug Enforcement Administration for permission to grow industrial hemp.

North Dakota Sees Promise In Industrial Hemp
If you have any doubt that America's $45 billion-a-year drug war is a waste of money, an affront to our nation's liberties, and an exercise in zealous, bureaucratic goofiness — go talk to farmers in North Dakota. To help boost the state's distressed farm economy, North Dakota's agricultural and political leaders have been pushing the idea of raising an ecologically-sound, easily-grown cash crop: industrial hemp.

Website News & Updates

New Forum Format
The new streamlined and polished 420 Magazine Forum format is up and running, finally. Members will notice a simplified and more user friendly structure. This new structure was arrived at after lengthy discussions with members, and reflects the wishes of those members, and management's.
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