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September Seed Giveaway at Herbies - Competition Time

Herbies Seeds

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Our last comp with this format did really well, so we are doing another one!!

We are offering 1 x 10 pack of seeds to the lucky winner of our 420Mag competition.

You may ask "what seeds?"

Well this is up to the winner...

Just link to your favorite seed on Herbies or Herbies Autoflowering sites, with one line to say why you should win.

The best line will be the winner.

We will give the winner a 10 pack of their chosen seed!

Competition ends Monday 22nd September. Winner announced Tuesday 23rd.


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! Medicann Cali Jack Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds Cali Jack again. I love how the strain grows huge colas under just CFL lights.

Why should I win? This is the strain I'm growing to make oil from to treat my girlfriend's mother's fibromyalgia and arthritis.



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hmmm now i kinda wish i didn't use up two seeds last time
how about ...! Advanced Kali 47 Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds

i only got one of these, i saw vigorous...easy for beginners...long lasting...
hey all that sounds like me!!
i loved it!!! it went a little more than 60 days for me but wow does it have a nice mulekick
worth the wait
not a go to sleep type it's more up

i give the breeder a victory on this one

ok my one line is...
i deserve this cause i lost my job and my dog is sick while my car is broke down my son still lives at home with us
with no future plans (he is 22) the main water line busted in my yard i am trying to quit all soda pop and i cannot find my right mind
while all this is true i am not sad or whooped just going along about my business day by day
as we all are


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I hope I can win this contest because I have never had the chance to grow a Kali strain and I want to more than anything to honor my dog whos name was Kali who just passed away from osteosarcoma a painful bone cancer that caused her to have a leg amputation. I always wished I had a cbd treatment for her while she went through chemo. So I chose Kali's lullaby to honor her and in hopes that shes resting in peace like I sung her a bed time lullaby


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Barneys pineapple chunck.

I should win these seeds cause the only thing I've ever won was a meat tray in a raffle, the day after I became a vegetarian, be good to win something I could use and enjoy. Peace

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! DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
Is the one I would pick.

Why I should win?
To provide more selection to people I care give for. I grow for eight people that can not afford to buy at stores on there budgets. Most of them are on SSI and are just getting by. My main mission is to grow as many stains as I can to provide selection for them to find what works for them the best. I also grow many different strains to post videos and forums to help other growers with info on the plants needs so they have a better chance to make it threw a grows without losing thee plants.

I wish you all the best of luck and Keep it growing green..


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Grow jr that sounds like a great choice!!!! Thanks for pointing it out, I was wondering what would I order if I was lucky enough to win...... now I know, Tangerine Dream!!! That sounds awesome gives me the munchies from reading about it!!!! Good Luck!!!!

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! BC Bud Depot The Purps Seeds - Herbies Seeds

The reason I need to win is that I am to paranoid to order any seeds and I have to drive over a thousand miles just to get a mother plant. Also since my first grow was in 1978 and it happened to be some purple sinsemilla, this would be a good chance to finally cross this strain off my Bucket List. Memories....
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